Getting away from stressful city life...


Detox time

Getting away from stressful city life

(This blogpost has to be labeled as an advertisement, because I am writing about a pr trip)

Living in Berlin is so wonderful but it can get a little stressful and very busy at times. So many people, so many appointments, events and meetings. There is always something different going on. Most of the time I really enjoy it, but i really do need to take a step back and recharge at times.

The best way for me to calm down and recharge my energy is by going into nature. Totally detaching from the digital world and really just connecting with the beauty of the mountains, rivers and forests. It is true bliss to me.

I was invited by the lovely team of Berg Leben Hotel in Grossarl to come and explore their wonderful village. When I arrived, it was already so calming to breathe the fresh mountain air and to see the wide patches of green forrest. The hotel is a family business and you kind of feel like you become part of their family during your stay. The team is so welcoming and lovely. I have never been to a hotel before with such a loving team.

The design of the hotel is a mixture of traditional wooden furniture and modern styles. It was recently renovated to appeal to a younger crowd, but it didn’t loose its traditional charm. We slept tight in the most comfortable beds and enjoyed freshly cooked meals made from locally grown ingredients. it sort of felt like time was on hold and i was really able to relax.

Again and again I am realizing how I recharge in nature and get new energy by being outdoors. Here are some of the things, I would recommend you to do in Grossarl:

Go to the national park in Grossarl

The park (National park Hohe Tauern) honestly blew me away. The nature looked like straight from a fairytale. So green, lush and beautiful. You will see mountains, green forrest, meadows, flowers, cows and sheep, beautiful waterfalls and rivers. The sound of the wind, the stream and the occasional “moo” of a cow is absolutely relaxing. And of course - for all you instagram lovers - this place will be a dreamy photo location as well.


Eat a delicious meal at the Kostbar

Kostbar is one of the restaurants that is located directly in the bergleben hotel building. It offers homemade foods and drinks. A mix of traditional austrian dishes and modern international creations. You can either have your food inside or enjoy it in the sunshine, directly next to a calming river.


Go for a mountain walk

The mountains and their magical spirit are a Must-see here in grossarl. You can do some long hiking tours, or also drive up half of the mountain and then just do a little walk. When we went there it was not very hot, but we still got a little sweaty. So if you are planning a hike in summer, please don’t forget to pack lots of water and maybe even wear gym gear.


Listen to the sounds of the river

I am a sucker for relaxing sounds and to me, the sound of the river is definitely one of my top 5 favorite sounds. The area of Grossarl has a lot of rivers, lakes and little waterfalls. The power of the huge streams amazes me every time.


Practice yoga in nature or visit a yoga class

And of course, you know me, I had to out Yoga on the list. Yoga in the mountains is the most wonderful thing, but if its raining you can also use the fitness room at Hotel Bergleben. They offer lots of different yoga activities there, such as personal or group yoga classes, as well as yoga hikes or different kinds of meditation.


Pick up the slang

And I could not let you go without a few funny slang words. If your mother tongue is not german, you may not even hear the difference between Austrian and German. We can understand each other perfectly, but there are definitely some words, which are totally different. So here are some funny words, you can use if you want to pretend to be a local:

Grüß Gott! Formal Hello

Servas! or Grias di! Informal Hello

Pfiat di Good bye

De Leit The people

I kum aus XXX I am from XXX

Heia in this year

heid today

ah ge? I don’t believe that

ha? excuse me?

auffi geh to go up

Radl foahn to go by bike

laffn to walk

Mogst an Schnops? Do you want some booze?

Hots gschmeckt? Did it taste good?

Hau di her or  huck di nida Sit with me

I can only recommend squeezing a trip to nature. Even just for 2 or 3 days…you will feel revitalized for sure.