Hormones, weight and eating disorders - Honest Q&A

pic by Lisa Pardey

pic by Lisa Pardey

When I published my last post about weight gain and how happy I was about it, I received a ton of questions about it. So lets hop right into it:

Do you do any kind of sport besides yoga?

Yes I do. But i would not recommend doing heavy exercise during recovery. Going for walks is fine, practicing gentle yoga oder having a fun dance session - but stay away from the really sweaty exercises, because they will burn to much energy. I have switched my mindset from working out to burn kalories and loose weight to working out, because I love it and it makes me feel good. I don’t have a workout plan or anything. I just do what I feel like. I quite enjoy running, dancing, pilates or zumba besides yoga.

Do you have a regular period now?

Sadly no. I wish, i could tell you that it is all super easy and I am back to a completely healthy body, but it is harder than i ever could have imagined. I have a doctors appointment next week and I am hoping to know more after that.

Did you struggle with binging during recovery?

Hell yes. I was so out of it. I didn’t know how to portion my food. I did not now when to eat, what to eat and i felt like having no control anymore. Some days I would almost not eat anything and then some days I would binge like a crazy person. I still to this day struggle with binging sometimes, but i guess it just takes some time to get back to normal. After a binge, I try to stay positive and send my body and mind some love instead of hating myself for doing it.

How do I start increasing my Calories?

I have a few sneaky tips for easily increasing your calories and not feeling stuffed and bloated after every meal.

  • Eat every single meal (Never ever skip one)

  • Eat at least two snacks a day (muesli bars, protein bars, nuts and seeds are perfect)

  • Add nutbutter to your meals for an extra spoon of energy

  • Cook with oil (oil is not bad for you, it can actually be really healthy if you use high quality oils)

  • Dates. Dates have a lot of energy and are so easy to snack on

  • Thick smoothies. Blend some greens, banana and dates into a thick smoothie to sip on throughout the day for some extra calories

How can i manage to think positively about my recovery?

This is probably the hardest, because society tells you to loose weight and stay super skinny 24/7. But health should always be your number one priority. I have a little exercise that may help you.

Take a notebook and write down your honest answers to the following questions:

  1. What do I like about having an eating disorder? (This may sound so wrong, but if you ever had an eating disorder you know that it gives you some sort of strange comfort to have freaky food rules and stick to a meal plan etc.)

  2. What do you dislike about having an eating disorder?

  3. What would your life look like in 5 years, if you didn’t change anything?

  4. What would your life look like in 5 years, if you did change?

These questions will be the core of your individual motivation. I feel like having a strong goal in mind and being super duper motivated is the most important aspect of recovery. Also surround yourself with people and influences that inspire you and lift you up. Cut out everything that will trigger you and might cause replapsing. Its hard to say good bye to things, but you can’t solve your issues with the same mindset you had when you created them.