Why you should talk about your mental health.


Why talking about your mental health is so important.

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. Mental issues are not often talked about. Although I have been talking openly on here for a while now, it is a whole different number in “reallife”. And generally it is a topic, people love to tiptoe around. It’s not easy to grasp, its hard to understand, it is different for everyone and sometimes it can get very confusing. But all of that should not stop us to talk about it.

When it comes to mental struggles, HONESTY is the best and most important policy.

Sadly mental health is often lied about. When someone asked me a few years ago: “How are you doing!” I said: ”I am fine, thanks” - and that was the end of the conversation.

If that would have been a fully honest conversation it would have gone a bit like that: “How are you doing” “I am actually not doing well. I am obsessing about food, feeling totally crazy, alone, judged, helpless, depressed and I cried 3 times this morning.”

Scary, right?

It is very scary to open up like that. But it is important.

I actually just had a talk to someone from my family the other day and we had never spoken about my depression and eating disorder before. She told me that she was dealing with a lot herself right now and has had depression in the past. It was crazy, because I would have never guessed that. But it felt very comforting to talk openly. It felt like we had dropped our masks and connected on a different level.

And that is what we need to understand. Talking about difficult topics like depression for example, doesn’t male us weak, doesn’t make us worth less or doesn’t make us a sick wierdo. It makes us brave, it makes us recover and heal faster, it makes us strong.

Maybe you have people in your family, or circle of friends that are going though similar things. Challenge yourself to talk to someone about it. Open up and be honest to others, as well as to yourself.

There is nothing to be ashamed about.

When i struggled with my mental health, i was always too scared to open up and i tried to hide my issues for as long as possible. Please don’t make the same mistake and be open about your emotions. An illness doeSn’t define your worth or your personality.

And you don’t need to have an actual mental illness to benefit from talking about mental health. Just talking about how you feel in general is so beneficial for ANYONE. Get together with your closet friends and really open up about how you feel. Tell them about your life and listen to their situation as well. It will bring you closer together and will release a lot of tension that can build up over time.

And if don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know just yet, here are some numbers you could call anonymously for free:

Nummer gegen Kummer (for my younger german readers) HERE

International helpline for mental health: HERE

German contact line for mental issues of any sorts: HERE