Why you should start to eat Acai right now.


Why you should start eating acai right now

This blogpost has to be labeled as an unpaid advertisement, because of brands being named.

Acai berries are a Brazilian "superfruit." Within the last few years it has gotten super popular all around the world. The most famous acai dish is probably the beautiful “Acai bowl”. Topped with fresh fruit and granola, the acai bowl is being seen all over instagram.

It is not only an extremely pretty food to look at, but it is also super healthy.

Lots of energy

The fruit is pretty nutritionally dense. That is why I love it as a breakfast option. It will fuel your body with lots of vitamins and give you a ton of energy at the same time.


Acai contains loads of antioxidants , which can counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in your body.

Healthy fat and fiber

The acai berry contains healthy fat and fiber, which is especially great for the female body.

In the western world you will be able to buy acai in form of powders or juices. I love using the powdered acai. Blended up with my favorite smoothie, it is a refreshing snack.

But how can i make my own acai bowl?

How to make it:

Simply just add your Acai powder, blueberries, banana, oats and soy milk to your blender and blend until smooth. Now pour it into a nice little bowl and drizzle your maple syrup on top. Now garnish as you wish. I love using nuts and fruit, but also granola or coconut flakes. And for some extra smoothness, you can always use a tablespoon of peanut butter

What you need: (for one serving)

2 tsp. of Acai powder

1 handful frozen blueberries

1 banana, frozen

3-4 tbsp rolled oats

⅔ cups soy milk

1 tsp maple syrup

coconut flakes

chia seeds


chopped nuts

The acai brothers

Being a self confessed acai lover, I was super excited, when I discovered Acai Brothers here in Noosa. They do all the work for you and offer deliciously fresh and beautiful looking acai bowls. The franchise was founded by two health conscious friends and is know very well known, all over Australia. Their main focus lies on healthy, fresh ingredients, sustainability and and growing active community. you can find them on hastings street and should definitely pay them a visit, whenever you come to noosa.