The perfect diet for yogis.

This post has to be labeled as an advertisement due to a restaurant being named.


What is the perfect yogi diet?

What is your diet? What do you eat? Are you vegan, paleo or gluten free? Do you count calories? How much fat do you eat? Questions like that reach me every day…and today I will talk about my diet.

First of all: I don’t believe in the perfect diet. Everyone has their own kind of perfect, depending on what works for their body. But I have found the diet, that works perfectly for me right now. I like calling it the namastehannah yogi diet. (Innovative, I know)

What is the namastehannah yogi diet?

Obviously not every day is the same, but I never eat meat and almost no dairy. I try to include lots of veggies and fruit, as well as lots of carbs and a good amount of healthy fats. (But of course I also eat sweets and fast food sometimes) In addition to that I have a few “rules” I try to live by. I wrote “Rules”, because I feel like its more a suggestion than a rule. I make sure to always listen to my body first, before sticking to any sort of diet suggestions though.

Sattvic meals

I love Ayurveda and try to incorporate it into my daily life. In the Ayurvedic philosophy, it is suggested to eat a Sattvic diet. This is the purest diet, which balances the body and maintains a peaceful state. To create a balance of my inner energy I like to eat Sattvic foods such as whole meal bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, pure fruit juices or nuts and seeds. If you want a full list, you could look that up HERE

Vegetarian or Vegan

I love to live a cruelty free life. I like to know that my foods are sustainably sourced and don’t hurt anyone in the process. Most of the time I eat organic and vegan. Sometimes I will have some dairy though, but never any meat or fish.

Bye Bye Toxins

I love eating organic when available, as well as artificial sweeteners or colors. These substances are not healthy for the body and alter the mind, making it more difficult to concentrate on the Divine. Make sure to check the labels on the foods you buy. Sometimes there are nasty chemicals hidden in foods you have been buying for your whole life and you didn’t even know it.

Keep it Fresh

I love going to the market each week to buy fresh produce. I know it can be cheaper to buy frozen or canned food, but try to invest in your health. Your food should be priority number one and if it is possible to avoid prepackaged food at all, try to skip it.

Lots of Water

Try to drink lots of water. I am actually not the best at it, but hey - you gotta start somewhere right?! I aim for 3 liters each day, which doesn’t always happen. Just try to keep a water bottle with you at all times.

Keep in mind that small changes in the way you eat and live can have big implications. Above all, remember that you are gods and goddesses, and your body is a temple! Just keep it simple and always listen to your body.

Before I wrap it up today, I want to share some food porn with you. Last week I went to Elixiba, a vegan restaurant at the sunshine coast, and had the best plant based meal of my life. This restaurant actually ticks all the boxes from the Namastehannah-Yogi-Diet, which is simply amazing.

Elixiba is an all vegan, organic restaurant that focused on ethically sourced ingredients and whole fresh foods. It is a cozy little restaurant with beautiful wooden furniture, loads of plants and lovely staff.

I can recommend to get a special deal, where you pay 35$ per person and get to try 7 different dishes. Everything was so yummy that we literally came back the next day, just to eat there again.

If you want to have a healthy and delicious restaurant experience, go there and you won’t be disappointed.