How to eat more mindfully.

this post has to be labeled as an advertisement, because of brands being named.

overeating, undereating, disordered eating…there is a ton of problems coming up in todays diet culture. our society makes us believe, we need to eat certain things to be healthy and stick to strict diets or only eat at certain times. But what if i told you, that there is one solution to help you with that? it is called “mindful eating”. if we start to connect more and more with our body and what it actually wants, we will become the healthiest version of ourselves.

probably you have heard the term “mindful eating” before, but maybe don’t really know what it is all about?! Or maybe you know what it is, but you just can’t really implement it into your daily life? Today i will give you some tips on how to start eating more mindfully.

eat in a healthy environment

what is a healthy eating environment you may ask? food has become really convenient and that led to a lot of take-away or fast food services. do you tend to eat in your car, on the go or even in your bed? these are not the best places to eat at. once in a while, there is nothing wrong with having a cozy pizza in bed with a movie on. But it shouldn’t become the norm. our body is forming habits pretty quickly. so if you start eating in your car for example, after a while your body will always feel hungry once you step foot in a car. try to only eat at a table. actually sit down, without any distractions and enjoy your meal.

appreciate your food

we all become more disconnected from our food. Many of us don’t even consider where a meal comes from beyond the supermarket packaging. foods become more processed and therefore it is even harder to see the origin of it all. try to look into where your ingredients are coming from, what is in your food and be grateful for it. before taking your first bite, thank the person who prepared it. but also think of the people, who planted the seeds, who harvested the ingredients or the people who work in your local supermarket. Be mindful of the water, soil, and other elements that were part of its creation as you sit down to eat whatever you are eating. You can reflect on the cultural traditions that brought you this food, the recipes generously shared from friends, or brought from a distant place and time to be a handed down in the family. it is such a blessing to have access to good food all the time and we should worship it.

listen to your body

when you have finished your plate and you want to go for more, listen to your body. are you really hungry right now or are you just eating, because you are bored or emotional? if you really want more food, then go for it. we should never restrict ourselves from delicious healthy meals. we need to fuel our body with energy and our body knows exactly what it wants and needs. just listen to it and trust your feelings.

have a food mantra

this is a little spiritual and may seem kind of airy fairy for some people. but it does help. creating your own mantra before eating a meal and make you more aware of the situation and therefore help you to eat more mindfully. if you are religious, you can simply use a prayer for that. if you are not, i will share one with you right now, that you may want to use:

I am happy and thankful for this food.

this food with fuel me and give me energy.

i will eat until i am satisfied.

this food will make me feel balanced and content.

When we went to Cafe Skål the other day, i tried to implement these tips to fully be grateful for every bite and enjoy a mindful meal.

Cafe Skål is such a beautiful little cafe, located at Peregian Beach and i really wanted to share it with you.

"Skål" is the scandinavian word for "cheers", or "good health". That describes the little cafe very well. It serves delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options, that are all very beautiful to look at as well. They use locally sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients and even give free meals to the homeless, which I think is pretty impressive. It is all about feeling at home, feeling welcome and happy.

Every single dish we tried (and we tried a lot) was super delish. The smoothies are made on the spot from fresh, whole fruits and the bread they use is from a local bakery, that also offers a ton of gluten free options. My personal favorite was the acai bowl. Very fresh and filling, the granola was super crunchy and sweet and it looked devine. My boyfriend loved the avo-toast the most.

If you want to find them, check there website here and definitely pop by, whenever you are at the sunshine coast.