Ethical swimwear to make you feel good.

I love my vintage looking swimwear. Mostly high waist, really comfortable, but still sexy. I always get asked, where I buy it from and there are many brands I really love. Here are some of them. (This had to be marked as an advertisement, because brands are being named. I wasn’t sponsored to create this post.)



What I love about them:

* mix and matching possible

* very body positive

* ethically made



What I love about them:

* lots of choices

* sustainable production with lots of insight



What I love about them:

* handmade and sustainable

* made from recycled materials

* company completely owned and run by women

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Good studios

What i love about them:

* made from ethical hemp fabric

* fair trade and sustainable

* very minimalistic


What i love about them:

* body positive models

* made from recycled materials

* honest pricing