Yoga: How to get started

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How to start yoga

Some tips on how to get motivated to start your yoga journey.

Get inspired. 

Probably one of the easiest things in my opinion is to find inspiration to get started. You can literally find it anywhere. Personally, I get really inspired by amazing yogis on instagram and youtube. Take time to find a yogi you like. Everyones practice is different and sometimes you need to try a few classes until you discover the style for you.

Get motivated.

Once you have your inspiration, you need to get started and find motivation to actually practice yoga as well. That is the hard part. But I promise you - once you have overcome that one point of hesitation, you won't want to ever stop again. I personally love writing down my goals, I want to achieve and make lists. If you are trying yoga for the first time, you could write down, why you want to start and what you wish to come out of it. Find your personal "WHY". If you ever feel unmotivated to sit down and practice, you will think back to that list and know, what you are doing it for. Examples of some reasons might be:

    • "I want to get more flexible."

    • "I want to balance my mind and body."

    • "I want to get stronger and get more energized."  

But I am sure, you already know your personal reason.

Trial flows.

Although you can practice at home, it is helpful to visit some professionally taught classes as well. Especially at the beginning you will need the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher, who you feel comfortable with. You should try out different studios, teachers and classes to find your perfect match.

Buy equipment.

Obviously you don't really NEED equipment for yoga, but I always love to buy my own gadgets and yoga fashion to keep me excited to practice. And there are literally so many beautiful yoga shops out there. Some basics, that can be quite useful are a good yoga mat, some yoga pants, a sports bra, maybe some yoga blocks, a water bottle and a pillow for meditation.

Find your routine.

Once you have tried out different styles and studios, it is time to find your own routine. Yoga is about consistency and it doesn't matter, weather that means once a week, once in two weeks or twice a day. Find your own rhythm, but stick to it. I try to practice every day and sometimes every other day and i really feel a difference from a regular practice compared to my earlier tryouts once every 3 months or so.