Mental issues aren't always visible


Mental issues aren’t always visible

When someone breaks a leg, everyone can see it. You walk around with a huge plaster and people will pity you and wish you all the best. They will help you, when you can't walk up the staircase and assist you, when you have too many bags to carry. 

But what if the problem is not visible? When the illness is inside? 

I have experienced it way too often, that mental disorders are just not being taken seriously. Just because, you can't see blood on the outside, doesn't mean that the person's heart and soul are not bleeding inside. 

I once had a friend with depression. He felt absolute crap and stayed at home, was totally crushed and even had suicidal thoughts. But on some days he felt ok and was able to go outside and meet people. The fact, that he actually had some days, where he enjoyed himself and went out to live life sounds amazing at first, but was totally turned around by others around him. They were saying nasty things about him, didn't believe he had a problem, they were saying he just wanted attention. 

And that is the point, where I just can't take it any longer! How can someone honestly believe one would fake a mental disease to get attention? Why would one actually stay inside for days, hide and go through several therapies, just to get attention?

A mental illness is not fun and sometimes it is even harder to get rid of, than a physical issue. It will stick with you for a long time and completely mess with your brain. Even if you can't see directly, that a person feels bad, please respect it and take it seriously. 

When it comes to my own experiences...I have had an eating disorder, which was actually visible. But there are tons of eating disorders, that are not. A disorder starts in your head and so many healthy looking people are totally fucked up in their heads. So please be respectful and stop judging other people's lifes, you know nothing abouThis is not supposed to be a rant, but i am just trying to raise awareness that you can't always know whats going on inside somebody, by simply looking at them. A simple "How are you?" can change a persons day. A simple smile, maybe.

Invest your time in the people you love.