Meditation for beginners


Meditation can seem so hard and unattainable at first.  But bringing your body and soul into balance and actually making time to find peace is extremely important. Negativity and stress builds up every single day and sometimes it can all get a bit much.

Do you feel caught up in negative memories?

Do you have a thousand thoughts running through your head?

Do you feel like your brain just can't stop thinking?

Do you feel stressed and unable to focus on anything?

Meditation can increase your self-awareness, it will give you clarity on your thoughts and your inner desires. It will make you feel grounded and calm and can even cure insomnia. So how do you get started?!

How to start meditating

Start small.

Sit for just two minutes. Don't expect to meditate for half an hour right away. Just sitting quietly for 2 minutes can be a big enough challenge to start of with. If that goes well, you can increase that time slowly. Start just by sitting on a chair, or on your floor, bed, sofa or wherever you feel comfortable. Make sure to always check in with yourself.  How do you feel today? What are the emotions you you experience? How does your mind feel? How does your body feel? Accept whatever you feel like that day. It is all ok.

Count your breaths. 

After recognizing your emotions and feelings, try visualizing them and letting them fly away. Whatever bothered you that day can just fly away into the sky. You don't need any stress or any negativity right now. Turn your attention to your breath. Recognize the pattern of your breathing and really focus on it. Try counting “one” as you take in the first breath, then “two” as you breathe out. Repeat this for 10 long, deep breaths.

Come back when you wander. 

Your mind will wander. Its the nature of the mind to wander and it is totally fine. When you realize that you kling onto thoughts, just let them fly away into the universe.  Don't put yourself down, if it doesn't work at first. It takes time. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time.

Do a body scan. 

Another technique is doing a body scan inside your mind. Start with you feet and then work your way up, very slowly to the top of your scalp. How does each and every little tiny part of your body feel? Send some love to all of those parts and let your body now, how grateful you are to have it.

Follow guided meditation. 

Sitting in quiet can be though at first. There are tons of audio meditations on youtube or spotify, that you can listen to. This is also a great kind of meditation, when you are with a friend or even a group. When I teach a yoga class, I also fully guide through my meditations. It makes it a lot easier. Following some kind of guidance in a meditation group can be so fulfilling and energizing. It also helps with the commitment to focus on the now.