I will become a yoga teacher


My experience at Yoga school on Bali

This has to be marked as an advertisement, due to the company being named

Do you know these dreams? The kind of dreams you always think about, but never really imagine to become true one day. Well, doing yoga on Bali was one of them exact dreams for me. 

But it is actually going to become a reality. How insane, right?

It all started with me having a depressed phase about a moth ago. I was crying literally everyday and I was so scared of falling back into a depression, i suffered from a few years ago. I tried anything to keep me motivated and positive and yoga has always helped me with that. 

I attempted to contact my inner spirit and find out, what the actually issue was at that point and I rediscovered my strong desire to go to Bali and study how to be a yoga teacher. 

I kind of reminded myself of the movie "Eat, pray, love." (which is actually one of my fave movies) - in the movie, the main character needs to get away from the busy lifestyle and just focus on herself, her body, her mind and spirit. 

So i did some research. There are tons of different retreats and teacher trainings out there, but each and every offer is a little different. When I found the "mystical yoga teacher training" by yogaschoolinstitute, I had a great feeling right away. 

School Yoga Institute yoga teacher training is different. Mystical. Spiritual. Magical. Awakening. Inspiring. Revealing. Shamanic. Dive deep into self-discovery and reveal your inner mystic. Awaken. Inspire. Reveal. Then share the experience with others in service.

That is what it said on their website and it caught me right away. For me, yoga is not only about the flows and asanas. It is a lifestyle, as well as a mindset. So I called Bonnie (a lovely woman from Michigan, who is one of the yoga teachers teaching at the training in bali. She explained everything to me and i already felt amazing vibes coming from our little chat.) That basically settled my decision and I booked the 200h teacher training in October

I will be sharing my whole journey with you on my blog and instagram and maybe also on youtube. I am expecting to learn a whole lot about yoga, but myself as well and I know, that quite a lot of you are interested in my journey too. So I want to encourage all of you to do the same and just dare to try something new. 

If you are interested in yoga and you want to learn more about it - wether it is a regular lesson, a retreat or a teacher training - contact Yogaschoolinstitute and say you were referred by #namastehannah. I have managed to arrange a discount up to 200$ for any of my beautiful readers. Don't be afraid to ask literally anything. The yogaschoolinstitute team knows that a training is a massive investment and they want you to have no worries or questions at all.