I have a bad relationship with food.


When you have a bad relationship with food.

I was shocked about how many of you seem to have a problem with food. Some of you restrict, some are extremely selective, some of you binge and some of you even purge once in a while. All of it is definitely wrong and not healthy at all. As you know, I had a massive food issue as well. I was restricting like a pro and also had specific rules around food and meal times, that I I thought I could never break through. But here I am telling you: It is possible. 

To cure your food relationship is a massive journey and it has to be seen as a process. It won't happen over night and it definitely won't happen gradually. There will be ups and downs and that is totally ok. As long as you keep your focus on becoming healthy and being good to your body. 

As you probably already know: Every body is different and there is not that one super solution to cure all of us. But I have a few tips, that will definitely help you on your way:

1. What is the trigger?

You want to find out, what your triggers are. That is probably the hardest thing. Ask yourself, what makes me form these unhealthy habits? Is it a certain person? Is it a memory from the past? Is it my own perfectionism? Do I feel better, when I do this? Does a hobby or my work push me into doing things? Does a certain meal trigger bad actions? Find out what it is and realize, where your problem is coming from.

2. Realize when you do it. 

I know that stopping your habits is freaking hard. But realization is the first step to a better life. Whenever you do harmful things to your body, try to realize what you are doing in that moment. Often times I used to get into a blurry state of mind, where i didn't even recognize, that what I was doing, was wrong. I felt like I didn't need to change, I felt healthy. 

Your mind accepting your problem is actually a huge milestone. 

3. Don't punish yourself.

You won't be able to stop your habits over night, so if you are having a bad day - don't punish yourself. Treating yourself badly, for not always pushing through, will push you into a downward spiral. You feel bad, then you punish your body, you feel worse, so you punish again. Doesn't make sense and will totally crush your mindset. Instead you could actually do the opposite. Lets say you are a binger: After a binge you feel horrible, you feel sick and fat and you can't really move. Instead of hating yourself, trying to purge or work it off - lie down and hug yourself and tell your body how much you love it and that you will try to not do it again. Not coming from a place of hate, but from deep unconditional love. 

4. Body love

Loving your body is the ultimate goal and also the best solution for any kind of obsessive eating disorder. But its so hard. I am still struggling with that one. But maybe reading that will help you on a bad day:

You were given this life to enjoy and make the most of it. You are loved and other people want you to be happy. You have this one short life to spread light and love for others, but also to find the light within yourself. You are so freaking perfect, just the way you are. You don’t need to change for anyone. You don’t need any people in your life, who are trying to tell you otherwise. Why would you want to impress others with a fake, restrictive version of yourself, when you are actually way more than that? You are super talented and loving and you can give so much to this planet. Don’t waste it by limiting yourself.


Go out and live right now.