How to deal with weight gain.

How to deal with weight gain

In most magazines you will find posts about how to loose weight and drop the pounds. But i am actually wanting the exact opposite. And it isn't as easy as you may think. Especially coming from an eating disordered past. I have to push myself every single day to eat more, exercise less and worry no more about portion sizes and kalories. Its a constant battle, but i have a goal. Apparently my body needs 8 more kilos to be able to properly function again. And if that is the key to my proper health, i will definitely do my best to reach my goal as fast as possible. 

1. Eating more often

I used to eat at very irregular times and very small portion sizes. By increasing the amount of meals you eat, it will get easier to eat more and more and actually put on some pounds.

2. Changing the closet

I have decided to give away or sell all of my clothing, that is simply too small. At my worst I could only fit kids clothing and even now i still have some pretty small sizes, that are just not right for my height and age. That is why I now buy pieces i really love in a slightly bigger size as a motivation to gain a few and properly fill them out.

3. Ditching the gym

I don't believe that no sport at all is the key to success. Being active is important, but try to include more yoga, walking or gentle exercises instead of hard core hit workouts or long distance running. We don't want to burn too many kalories or put our bodies under even more stress.

4. Taking seconds and saying yes.

I used to not allow myself to take seconds and if i was at a cafe with a friend i could never have cake, cause it was way too unhealthy. But it's ok. We need to stop stressing so much about it. If you are still hungry: Go and eat as many portions as you wish. If you are craving a piece of cake: Have yourself a creamy and delicious piece. Food can be fun!

5. Meditation

The hardest thing for me is the mental aspect of gaining weight. I don't really struggle with eating more, but with the guilt that comes with it. I feel bad after big meals and out of control. That is what i am working on every single day. My meditation helps me to control my negative emotions and turn them into powerful mantras that keep me motivated throughout my journey.