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Weight doesn't equal worth.

Weight loss is a great achievement. Weight gain means your stupid, lazy and ugly - right?

Why is weight such a difficult topic. Weight loss is being glorified for quite a while now. When someone looses a few pounds, you congratulate them. It's something to be proud of.
That makes is that much harder to actually gain weight.

Weight gain is not been seen as something desirable in our western society. You will never see weight gain tips in magazines and noone really talks about it. Most people will probably think it is not necessary to give tips on how to gain weight, but I think differently. It can be very challenging to go on a weight gain journey and I am on one as well.

Today I will share my 5 top tips on weight gain (physically and mentally)


  • SELFLOVE: Try to get in front of a mirror every single day and tell yourself something beautiful about your body. It doesn't matter at which point of your journey you are at right now. Make sure to love yourself no matter what. Try to find something different every single day and give your best to actually believe it in your heart.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF: If your mind tells you not to eat (maybe due to an eating disorder in the past) and you are really struggling, it can help to set yourself some challenges. If a certain food scares you, make sure to eat exactly that food until you have accepted it and feel comfortable with it again.
  • DON'T COMPARE: Try to not compare yourself to anyone else. I know, you have probably read that a thousand times, but it really is an important tip. Every single body is different and genes really play a huge part in how our bodies look. Remind yourself that you are unique and beautiful just the way you are.
  • HEALTH GOES FIRST: Your health should always be first. Some trends might tell you to eat a certain way or workout a certain amount, but you should always listen to your body first. Health and the wellbeing of your body should always be a priority before looks.
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF: You will break down and you will make mistakes and it will be hard. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you are making. It is totally fine. It will be a journey but as long as you keep on fighting, everything will be fine. 


  • PEANUT BUTTER: Generally nut butters, are super high in calories and can be added to almost anything. You can even add it to smoothies.
  • DRIED FRUIT: Try snacking on dried fruit. They’re convenient to eat, taste great and contain lots of fiber and most of their vitamins and minerals remain intact.
  • GRANOLA: Try switching your normal cereal or oatmeal to granola sometimes. 
  • AVOCADO: The beautiful green veggies are anti-inflammatory, thanks to their oleic acid content. It also contains a third of your daily dose of vitamin C – an important immune booster, which may be badly needed by underweight people who are more susceptible to illness.
  • SPORT: Yes you can be active in your weight gain journey. It is actually really great to include light exercise like yoga or walking to keep your heart healthy and make you feel good overall.

I wish you the best on your journey,

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