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No more period?!

Loosing your period and exercising...

Hi, I would like to entrust you. This year I tried to eat healthily and exercised every day, but for the last 4 months I lost my menstruation ... I'm really scared and I'm trying to get healthy again. I'm practicing pilates less and yoga more ... and I'm trying to eat more ... it's really hard and I'm so afraid that I will not be able to have children one day ... I have terrible chaos in my head and even though I know I have to gain weight, one little voice in my head sometimes says:you can't eat this you would be fat ... but I want to be healthy and I hate this thoughts... it's really hard, and that's why I'm writing to you because I know you had a similar problem...I know this message doesn't make sense, but I hope that you will understand me...

Dear you,
Thank you for trusting me with your issue. I totally understand the scary moment of loosing your period. I have been dealing with it for 5 years now and it is definitely something that should be taken seriously. A hormonal imbalance can be caused by several things. For me it was my low weight due to an eating disorder. My body went into protection mode and shut down more and more. The body is smart. Because of stress, too little food or too much exercise, the body senses that it is not a good time to possibly get pregnant. It thinks, you are in an unstable environment, where a child could't have a chance to live - so it shuts down the reproductive system completely. 
This might not sound that problematic at first, but a healthy menstruation is so important for us women. Our period is regulated by hormones and if these hormones are out of balance, your whole body is affected by it. That can lead to brittle bones and osteoporosis, you could get heart issues and even get infertile. 
This might be super scary, but it's important to take notice of! I am also struggling. Yup I still am. I totally know how you feel. 
My first tip for you is: Go to a doctor. Get yourself checked and do a hormone-test. They can see all your hormone levels and tell if anything is out of balance. When you know exactly what is going on, you can go from there. They can also check your height and weight and tell you, if you might need to gain some more to be able to have a healthy period. Females should have a good amount of fat on their body, for a nicely flowing period. So don't worry about gaining a bit. 
I also know the fear of gaining too much, but that won't happen. Your body has a set point and if you listen to your intuition and eat until your full, nothing "bad" will happen. Eat whenever you desire to eat. And don't be afraid of eating junk as well. Christmas is the perfect example. When I was sick, Christmas used to be a terrible and scary event for me. All that food and everyone would watch me eat. A horrific thought! It got better from year to year, but I have to say that this year has been the best year yet. I ate so many cookies and drank hot chocolate and didn't feel bad for it. It is that cozy time of year, where you wanna eat comfort food and be snuggled up in bed and that is totally fine. Give your body what it needs. You are beautiful! 


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