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Gaining weight is hard.

A letter from you to me, giving personal advice.

“I hope it’s ok for me to write about it because it's a very sensitive topic, but I've had anorexia for the last three years and am currently in the gainweight phase. Sometimes I just have moments when everything is getting a bit much, I am questioning my intentions and wonder why this phase is so exhausting. I can not find a healthy balance between good nutrition and enough exercise ... is there something like a good balance? How do you manage that? I have already made some progress.  I am already much bolder and more positive than in the past, but the topic of self-love is not easy for me at all and I am hoping to get some suggestions from you ...” 

Dear you, 
I totally feel you and can understand your struggle so well. Recovery from a mental disorder is never easy or fun. It’s hard work and it is a journey. First of all - congrats to you for choosing to get healthy. I can tell through your mail, that your focus is totally on getting better. It’s ok to have doubts and struggles (believe me - i have them as well), but it’s important to always keep going. Your body is changing and that can be scary. Clothes might get tight, you might be afraid of eating new foods, people may comment on your appearance and you are so split between the wish of being healthy but also just staying the way you are. 
But always remember why you are doing it. Pick a certain goal, why you are recovering. For me this goal was being able to have children one day. I knew, I always wanted to become a mum. But i also knew, I would have no chance of ever getting pregnant with an eating disorder and messed up hormones. So I needed to change that. And it takes a while. For me it’s been 5 years and I am still working on it. 
But for you it might be a different goal. Do you want to practice a certain sport but you are too weak right now to do it? Do you want to wear a certain dress and really fill it out? Do you want healthy bones and not struggle with osteoporosis in the future? Do you want to not always feel cold and tired? 
There are so many reasons why you should start recovery and stay in recovery as well. 
Another component with gaining weight is the comparison factor. Stop to compare yourself to everyone around you. It’s all about you right now. It doesn’t matter if your friend are eating less or if you have 5 plates of pasta instead of one. It’s all ok - give your body what it craves. 
Your health is priority number one. 
After all - you only have this one life and you should be as happy and as healthy as possible. 

Remember that you are beautiful and never stop spreading your light ♥️ 


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  1. Berührender Text♡ Ich finde es selbstbewusst und schön, dass du über dieses Thema und deine Geschichte so offen und ehrlich sprichst! ♥