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You already have it in you.

You already have everything you need to glow, shine and be sexy. You just need to embrace it.

We want to be attractive, we want to be popular, wanted, desired, beautiful and loved. 
In tons of magazines we get tips on how to be prettier, skinnier, how to get the perfect man, how to be more successful, how to apply the perfect make-up look. But does that makes us sexy?

I watched the movie "I feel pretty" the other day and it really got me thinking. In our society we think we need to be and act a certain way to be sexy.

A beautiful little lingerie set is sexy.
Classy high heels are sexy.
A powerful red lipstick is sexy.
Voluminous shiny hair is sexy.
A thigh gap and a big ass is sexy.
A full cleavage is sexy. 

But is that really what makes a woman sexy?

The answer is simple: NO. What makes a woman sexy as fuck is confidence.
A confident woman can wear whatever and she will look smokin hot. She might not have the body that is perceived as desirable in the media but her figure looks to die for. She has has unpopular hobbies, but when she talks about them, she is glowing and suddenly they seem super cool. That is what makes a woman sexy.  

I bet you have heard that all before, but did you really take it in? Your own perception of yourself can change the way you look at life completely. When you believe in yourself you can do so many incredible things. When you stand in front of a mirror and you're really feeling yourself, other people will see your smile and take in your good vibes. 

You are sexy already. Right now at this point. Know you ARE sexy. You just need to accept it and then don't be afraid to show it as well. And if a nice pair of heels or any of the things mentioned above help you on that journey of finding your inner sex goddess, then - hell yeah - go and get those heels. But just know that your sex-appeal is only determined by your own inner confidence and by noone else. 


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