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How do i edit my instagram?

Unbezahlte Werbung - The most frequently asked question I get on my instagram is: How do you edit your pictures?

(I will name some apps and programs in this post, so this has to be labeled as advertisement)

What apps do you use?

My favorite editing app for instagram is definitely VSCO cam. When I take a picture I normally upload it on there and then play around with the different filters. Not every picture is the same, so sometimes I need to make it lighter or darker, more saturated or play with the contrast. A filter I have been loving lately is C1 but it really varies from picture to picture. 

Another app I really love is Snapseed. You can add some really cool vintage effects and also layer pictures on top of each other - just another fun way to play with fotos. 

And of course we can't forget about facetune. I love using facetune for editing out distracting things in the back of my pictures (such as a socket or just something that doesn't match your aesthetic)

Afterlight is amazing if you want to add some structure to your image. I personally love the dusty filter, which makes the picture instantly look analog and vintage. 

If I have a bit more time and really want to work on a picture I also use lightroom and photoshop. These programs are definitely give you the best chance to work on little details, color correct only specific colors or change the whole vibe of a picture, without just layering a filter on top of it.

How do you get a nice looking feed?

I love looking at an instagram with a nice feed. It is way more pleasing to the eye, when all the pictures match somehow. A first step would definitely be to try to edit your pictures in a similar way. So maybe start by finding 3 filters, that you absolutely love and then play with them. Or you could try to only take pictures with similar colors in them...there are lots of options. To achieve a nice flow with your pictures I swear by the app UNUM.  It basically helps you to plan out your feed. You can add all the pictures you want to post in the future and then play with the arrangement until you think it looks good. Something you should avoid is putting the same style of picture directly next to each other. You don't want to have 5 flatlays after another, maybe space them out by posting some portraits, detail or landscape posts in between. That makes it more interesting to the viewer. 

How do you edit your stories?

I love using the app Unfold for my stories. It has a ton of frames you can use, to spice up the look of your stories. If you want to achieve a vintage look on your videos, then you might want to check out the app 8mm. When your video is longer than 15seconds, but you want to post all of it, go get yourself CutStory, which will cut your video in little 15 second long clips - ready for you to post.

I will now show you an example edit just using VSCO. It is really the best app to get started with editing. You have loads of options to choose from and for beginners it would be the number 1 app I recommend. 
This is a picture from my Menorca vacation. The white is a little dark and everything looks a little dull and not vibrant enough for my taste. I started by applying the A4 filter, then I cropped the picture and adjusted the brightness. I also played with the white balance. That way you can make a dull picture a little warmer. I also added some grain for the retro look I am all about. And my secret weapon is adjusting the orange tones in the picture. By lowering the luminance of that exact color your skin will appear way more tanned than it actually is.


  1. Wunderschön gestalteter und informativer Post, finde es einfach so interessant zu sehen wie unterschiedlich man seine Bilder bearbeiten kann und dein Feed ist einfach traumhaft schön!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. Awww vielen Dank, das freut mich wirklich sehr.
    Alles liebe,