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Why am I not like her?

How I deal with stress and comparing myself.

Constant competition.
Constantly comparing. 
Constantly being judged. 

The sad truth of our society.

I have had a couple of stressful days. Days where I put myself down, where I am so freaking confused and disoriented about life. Days, where getting up already feels like a massive task.  Days, where I feel overwhelmed and totally stressed out. Days, where I can't find peace, where I am constantly irritated and not really present. 

I really struggle during these kind of days. 

And then only a tiny thing, can make you burst into tears and you don't even know why. Me being a super sensitive person doesn't make it any better. 

And then I always think: How does she do it? How does she always manage everything, how is her life so perfect? How is she always positive? How is she so successful? How is she so fit and flexible? HOW??? And why am I not like that?

Why am I not as productive as I want to be? Why do I still not understand how taxes work? Why am I still not fully recovered? Why am I so sensitive? Why do I feel so deeply? Why do I not live on Hawaii? Why am I scared to drive although I have a license? Why am I so socially akward?

And if its a really bad day, I stress myself even about the things that could potentially go wrong in the future at some point. Its really crazy. 

But in these situations I try to stay calm and take time out for myself. I have a little mantra i say to myself:

Breathe calm and slow.
I am me and I am enough. I've done well.  I don't have to be perfect.
Peace is within my reach.
I thrive on love and light.
I am here.
All is well.
And then I ask myself, why do I want to be like that person? It is ok to want to change or get better at something, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Make sure to do it to become the best version of yourself and not a lame copy of others. Make sure that you live the life YOU want to live and not the life that others expect you to.


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