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Five top tips for Menorca

If you are ever on Menorca - don't worry - I got you covered.

Here are my 5 tips on how to have the best holiday ever on Menorca. (Some brands or places are being mentioned, therefore this post has to be marked as an advertisement. No money was being paid to promote any of my recommendations though.)

1. Relax at Massage House Menorca.

My best massage I ever had, was by the lovely couple, who founded MassageHouseMenorca. It is a small but very cute massage parlour. Decorated with lots of plants and fairylights. It smells calming and soothing and both of the guys are super sweet and welcoming. Till and I had a couple massage for one hour and it was absolutely perfect. They use homemade all natural oil with ingredients they collect from the island. I nearly fell asleep - that is how relaxed I was. You should check it out for sure.

Where to find it: Av. Central, 48, 07730 Cala en Porter, Illes Balears, Spain

2. Have dinner or lunch at the beach.

What is better than a healthy, yummy, vegan dinner? A healthy, yummy vegan dinner at the beach. Menorca has such beautiful spots to sit down and relax at, so a picnic is a MUST. If you are already in vacation mood, a little lazy and you don't want to prepare everything from scratch, I can recommend PIQNIQ Menorca to you. The little fresh and organic TakeAway is based in the middle of Ciutadella and makes yummy menus to take out to eat. They have very reasonable prices and amazing vegan options (which is not that common for spain). I had a lentil dish with yummy veggies and nuts, a banana bread and some water with it. My boyfriend went for the quinoa salad with carrot cake as a desert and a homemade ginger lemonade.

Where to find it: Calle Sant Pere, 7 / Ciudadela, Islas Baleares, Spain

3. Go for a hike on Monte Toro.

The highest mountain on Menorca is Monte Torro. It is only 358 meters high, but you get an amazing view from the top. It has a little
chapel and a small restaurant as well, but they are not so spectacular. The view is worth seeing though. You can either hike up or drive by car/bus. Make sure to bring a jacket tough, since it can be quite windy, once you are up there.

Where to find it: East of Mercadal Village, Central Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

4. Visit the dreamy beaches.

The thing I was blown away by the most, were the beaches. The water surrounding Menorca is crystal clear and I have honestly never seen an ocean that turquoise before. I can't even pick a favorite one. We did some beach hopping by car during our stay. I would strongly suggest going along the south side of the island, since it has the best selection of dreamy bays and peaceful beaches. If you like cliff jumping, go check out Cala en Brut (It is a beautiful bay with loads of little stone terraces, where you can tan and relax, but also jump off from into the ocean.

 5. Walk around Ciutadella.

Ciutadella is one of the biggest cities on Menorca. The historic city of Ciutadella in located at the extreme west coast of Menorca (that is the city we were staying in), used to be the capital of culture and commerce in Menorca. It is still a very charming city with amazing architecture. There are several good examples of Baroque and Gothic churches. The port is both a fishing and leisure port with loads of little restaurants and a cafes surrounding it. You will find many little stores,  restaurants and beautiful squares. It feels like a small village from the last century.

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