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The day that changed my life.

All about my emotional touching experience at the Future Female Force day.

This blogpost was sponsored and supported by Wanderlust. I am so thankful for the opportunity I got that day. Wanderlust and Mercedes sent me to the Future Female Force day in Berlin as an artist to create illustrations all day. The concept was me sitting at a little table with all of my painting and drawing utensils and then interviewing people about which day changed their lives. The flow of the conversation was supposed to trigger my creativity and at the end I should have created a little personalized postcard for them to take home. Sounds like a great idea, right? I was super pumped for the day. 

But when it actually got to it and I arrived at the big event, I saw thousands of people, endless brands and stands and speakers and important people...I suddenly felt so small, insecure and unsure if it was going to work. Would the women actually open up to me? Would they even want to sit down with me? Would I be sitting there all by myself and feel embarrassed? Would noone ever book me again for doing illustration? SO MUCH DOUBT. 
But I tried to stay strong and I set up art supplies. 

And then everything changed. 

When the first woman was interested in sitting down with me I was in the zone. We had a beautiful chat and it seemed like we knew each other long before that talk. The subject was so personal, that you had to dive deep right away. These women trusted me and they opened up about heir struggles, their happy moments, their relationships, their jobs...

I felt like I was part of a movement. A big sisterhood.

I wasn't worrying about the illustrations any more, they just came to me. I was totally focused on all the girls and these different moments in life, they decided to share with me. Sometimes we even went so deep, that it got emotional. Such a crazy experience. But i am really grateful for it. Combining art with personal development, connections and sharing my passion is a dream come true. And I am really hoping to do this many more times in the future.

What surprised, but excited me the most, was the TRUST. These women were so strong. Just coming up to me, a total stranger, and telling me their deepest emotions. I absolutely loved that. When you meet a new person, you normally have smalltalk for a good while. But these women dove right in. And that made it so fun for everyone. 
Once a few women had done it, a queue started to form and girls waited for over an hour in line to get an illustration. That really blew my mind. I felt and still feel to this day, full of sisterly love and peace. 

So if you are ever doubting yourself, you are scared of something, you don't think you are good enough...fuck these thoughts. Just do it. Try it and get out there. This is your time and your life and sometimes you have to challenge yourself to try something completely out of your comfort zone to grown from it. 

Here are some of the illustrations I did that day. 

Thanks to all of the women, I got to meet that day.


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