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Style your kitchen: Cheap & easy

I love interior design and get asked about my home all the time. So here are my tips on how to transform your kitchen into a stylish eyecatcher - the cheap way.

1. Bring in the green.
A litte greenery is never wrong. New studies have shown that access to nature (even if that means adding a few houseplants to your living space) can drastically improve physical, mental, and emotional health. And let’s just say, ALL those things are important! Personally I have a little decorative plant in my kitchen, that is easy to handle and doesn't need a lot of light or water, as well as my herb collection I use for cooking. Looks pretty and its functional as well. Total cost depends on the plant obviously, but I payed 20€ in total. 

2. Display the pretty.
Show of your pretty plates and mugs. An open shelving solution can help with forcing yourself to stay organized as well. I love collecting nice kitchen pieces, such as these elephant mugs or a nice salt and pepper shaker. Placing your favorites on a big shelf can make your kitchen look way more fancy and minimalist, that it actually is. The shelf cost me 20€

3. Recycle glasses and tins.
A lot of food comes in glasses. How about just washing them out, peeling of the label and reusing them again. It saves you a lot of money, is great for the environment and looks super pretty as well. I have them sitting in a little kitchen wagon - that all my spices and ingredients are visible and easy to reach. (This link is an unpaid advertisement)

5. All about the lights.
The whole vibe of a room is determined by the light. I try to make it look very cozy by adding fairylights. Normally kitchens have a really bright and neon-like light. Try switching to a more warm and calm light solution. The fairylights cost me 36€ (The link is an unpaid advertisement) 

Do you have any tips on how to style your home the cheap way?

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