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My first experience with an astrologist.

"We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more. " (Carl Jung)

The other day I had my first ever experience with a professional astrologist. I got to have a reading with the beautiful Luisa Carla Hartmann (I was offered the reading for free, but this is not a paid advertisement - all opinions are my own)

She is a psychologist and astrologist from Berlin. I have always been interested in the stars and the moon and how the whole planet is influenced by our universe. Just looking at the ocean and how the cycle of the moon controls the tides is just one magical aspect of it all. 

So when I arrived at her office in the middle of Berlin, I was super nervous but excited. We looked at my Horoskope and she told me what she saw.

She always described astrological charts as a symbolic language. You can tell certain energies or missions from the stars, but obviously they have to be interpreted in different ways.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I learned:

  • The most known thing about astrology are the zodiac signs. These are pretty well known, but can be split in different categories:
    • Air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. People who are air signs tend to lead with their mind and appear detached, but are great communicators and are very flexible. 
    • Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. People who are earth signs tend to be "earthy," attentive to the five senses, and blend in with their natural habitat. But they can also be stubborn and workaholics. 
    • Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People who are fire signs tend to be drawn to sudden bursts of enthusiasm, seem passionate and inspired, and dislike mundanity. They are often intuitive, which can lead to overlooking details or not realizing the impact of their actions. 
    • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. People who are water signs tend to have waves of emotions, be sensitive in relationships and are able to bring people together. Sometimes they can absorb other people's "vibes" and therefore may have trouble creating personal boundaries.

I personally am a leo. But i really don't feel like one. They are often described as very dominant and love love love attention, are pretty loud and crazy. I was always pretty confused, cause I just couldn't resonate with that zodiac sign. Then I realized there is way more to it. I found out about something called "Ascendent".

  • The Ascendant describes the angle at which the next zodiac sign is approaching in the east at the specific time and location of an event. Its mostly described as the "rising sign," and is calculated by looking at the exact time and place of birth. People's rising signs are usually connected to their upbringing, how they present themselves to the world, or how a person copes with uncomfortable situations. 
When I found out I was Cancer as a rising sign, it really changed my whole perspective on astrology. Cancer people are sensitive, nurturing and make everyone feel at home. They are way more introverted and family oriented. That really sounded like me. Obviously I am still part leo at times, but cancer is my true identity. 

Another thing that Luisa and I looked at was my birth chart.

  • What is a brith chart you may ask? It is a diagram that represents the position of planets the moment a person was born. The planet's positioning is said to hold important information about a person's life. This is also referred to as a "natal chart." 

When I looked at that chart i couldn't really draw any information from it. But Luisa knows, how to interpret every little planet, the positioning of stars in the different "houses" and how it all affects my personality and the way i look at life. 

  • The houses are also quite important. There are 12 sections in the chart, called houses. Each house represents a different experience or energy. The planets' locations in the houses on a birth chart reveals how certain experiences will affect a person's life to what extent. There are also different configurations, that can describe certain situations pretty well. The way planets are positioned, has a significant meaning. One example is the T-square configuration, which is when three planets form a right triangle shape in the sky. It indicates a struggle in life, but also creates a stronger drive to achieve. 

I found it incredible to see, how little signs like that could tell Luisa so much about my life and personality. To me the most interesting thing was...you guessed it: LOVE. What could my Horoskope tell her about my relationship and my romantic future?! 

So I told her the dates and facts she needed to know about my boyfriend and she had a look at his chart. She told me that his Saturn is in my 8th house. That sounds pretty freaky but actually just means that a relationship is ment to last. Yippie! Another interesting thing we could draw from the chart was that his moon is in libra, which shows that he is super sensitive and can feel really deep emotions. Something that both of our charts have in common. What surprised me a little was our  intense spiritual connection. She described our relationship as "soulmates". I am definitely intrigued now and want to dive deeper. 
She didn't tell me anything super new or crazy. But it was really interesting to understand the stars and planets a bit better and see the connections that are coming with it.

I can totally recommend anyone to have a good at a professional astrological reading. I have to admit it is super overwhelming at first and you will understand not even half of it. But with Luisa you will get the whole conversation as an audio recording to listen to once more, after the session is over. Thats pretty great, cause you will definitely not be able to remember everything she tells you during the experience. Have you ever had any connection with astrology before?
Go check Luisa out on her instagram as well.


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