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I am breaking free.

I have talked about my mental struggles quite a bit on here. I went through some dark days and collected so much negativity within myself. Here are my tips on how to boost your own energy levels and break free.

I have managed to escape that negative mindset. It is hard to recover, but it is possible. It is a choice to fight every single day and I am willing to make that choice again and again. 

Something that helped me overcome that negative mindset is definitely creating a positive environment around me. I have separated myself from people who drag me down, I had to stop certain toxic activities and had to learn to say "no" sometimes. But I have also included so many more beautiful people, rituals and ways of thinking that I want to talk about today. Focus on the good. There is always something amazing to put your focus towards.

I believe in the massive power of energies of this universe. I have discovered that surrounding myself with positive vibrant energy lifts up my own mood as well. 
That is why I am trying to support fairtrade and vegan brands. It makes me so much happier, when I know that the hands who made my clothing are happy hands. Once you know something is produced in a fair and sustainable way, you value it so much more and you feel so much better. 

Todays blogpost is actually sponsored by an all ecofriendly and fair online-shop called 
Mangolds*. Click HERE to check them out. They have a wide variety of beauty products, as well as yoga clothing and mats, accessories and lifestyle products. I have tried their new yoga line and I loooove practicing in the fashion. My favorite thing about them is their Motto: "Du bist echt schön." (Which basically means "You are truly beautiful." in german) I love to practice yoga, when I am feeling stressed. I can totally detach from my stressful day and it is just me and my mat for once. 
The outfit I am wearing in the pictures is all available at Mangolds. Whenever I need a reminder to stay positive during my asanas, I wear this beautiful shirt HERE. I combined it with a tie-dye-style yoga leggins (HERE). The whole outfit is made in Germany under fair conditions with sustainable materials. It is super soft and stretchy and I honestly don’t just wear it, when practicing yoga. The mat (HERE) is one of my newest finds. It's an extra thin one, which is so easy to clean. It is perfect to travel or take on the go. Most people tend to find excuses, when it comes to yoga. They really wanna do it, but then they finish work, come home and just can’t be bothered to leave the house again to attend a good session. With this mat, you won’t have the excuse, cause you can just take it with you in the morning. I do that quite often, when i work in the city and then on the way home i squeeze in a relaxing flow. 

Something else I like to do when I feel so down and want to crawl back into bed is making time to reflect. Even if i have a stressful day, I decide to stop, grab a snack and write into my journal. Lately I have been trying to include more healthy snacks. ( Pumpkin seeds in chocolate are so yum. You can get them HERE)  I like sitting down with my journal and writing about everything I am thankful for. That helps me to be way more grateful about this beautiful life I am living.

Another tip is energy exchange with inspiring people. Lifting each other up can actually be taken quite literally here. I like to sit down with a good friend or my partner, have a hot cup of tea (HERE is a pretty good one) and chat about my current issues. Most of the time it feels so good to just talk about whats on my mind and i feel a sense of relief right after. I am getting feedback from someone I admire and can look at my situation from another perspective.

Last but not least I am loving a good pamper session. At least once a week i try to have a little spa session, just for myself. It's so rejuvenating to treat your skin and therefore your soul as well. You might thing that a pamper session is only for external beauty, but it actually is way more than that. It is time you invest in yourself. Time to relax, time to unwind and time that will recharge your inner energy. I love cleansing my face with an all natural cleanser (HERE) and then applying a fun mask (HERE) while maybe listening to some calming music or drinking my tea.

How to you recharge your energy? 


*Thank you to Mangolds, who sponsored this entire post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hallo Hannah!

    I am 100% with you. There have been so many struggles in my life and it can be so hard to get a positive mindset "locked in". So I've been doing the same as you - creating a positive environment to facilitate a positive mindset. And it really does help! I've been transitioning to a fully vegan lifestyle (still cleaning up a few non-vegan beauty products, but the food's totally switched!) and starting to be more eco-friendly in the products I choose to let into my life. And it makes me feel so calm, and so at ease. Combined with a rekindled passion for yoga and starting to meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning, my mood is better than it has ever been.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much. That means so much to me and makes me super happy <3 Love and light to you xx

  2. I just found your blog and everything you write or talk about is so inspiring and shifts my mind and negative thoughts in a good way. Also as I am getting more and more into the vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle your tips will help me a lot and please keep up your great content and great voice!
    Have a great day!

    xx Kirsten

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten. That honestly means so much to me :)
      Have a lovely day,