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How I found back to my purpose...

Werbung - I was stuck in a downward spiral for way too long. 
Here is my take on how to free yourself from societies expectations and live a life that you truly enjoy.

I have partnered up with Soul Zen* for this blogpost. (Ad/Anzeige) Soul Zen is a beautiful spiritual online shop and destination, that is definitely one of my personal favorites. They offer selected products and inspiring topics around spirituality and mindfulness. Whether astrology, meditation or natural beauty rituals - all aspects of the interaction between body, mind and soul are addressed. And whilst selling all that spiritual stuff, they still remain cool, stylish and trendy.

Just a few weeks ago I understood what it means to free yourself and listen to your body, to reconnect to your inner desire and balance your mind, body and soul. For me that had mostly to do with actively breaking my inner manipulations. I had set myself rules, that I wasn't allowed to break. I had restricted myself on so many levels. The last months have been a constant inner battle, but I am slowly getting to a place of complete freedom. 

Just because you are clinically recovered from a mental disorder, or you might have never been diagnosed with one, doesn't mean you are completely free from it. 
Do you sometimes find yourself restricting food choices?
...Thinking you are not skinny or pretty enough to wear a piece of clothing? 
...Feeling uncomfortable speaking your truth, cause you are scared of judgemental people? 
...Pushing away your dreams, because you doubt yourself?
...Doing what others expect of you, rather than following your path?
...Looking at yourself and hating your reflection, because you don't resemble the current beauty ideal?

Most of us are caught in these disruptive thoughts. And I am too. 
BUT - I am fighting against it. I feel like a little kid again, learning to love my body and follow my inner intuition and dreams. 

Sometimes we have been manipulating ourselves to fit an expectation for so long, that we don't even know who we really are anymore. 

So here are my 5 tips on how to find back to your inner self:

1. Dream analysing
Dreams can tell us so much about what our inner soul is dealing with at the moment. If you are dealing with bad dreams, I would recommend a dreamcatcher. I got mine HERE (It's a modern version, which i think looks quite stylish) Also make sure to write down your dreams, right when you wake up. That way they are still present and you won't forget them. HERE are the notebooks I like using for that. There are lots of books about symbols in your dreams, that might tell you a little more about your current situation. 
2. Do the exact opposite of what your inner voice tells you.
I have a control problem and I know loads of girls are the same. We try to be perfect and have this stupid inner voice, that is pressuring us to loose weight, work out more, look pretty all the time, wear certain kinds of clothes and do and act politically correct ALL THE DAMN TIME. But that can make us physically and mentally sick. I used to restrict my food way too much and so I started to eat exactly the things, that my mind was scared of. That is the most terrifying thing ever, but the more you overcome your fears, the better you will feel.

3. Step into your unconscious.
This is kind of similar to the first tip. But we can step into our unconsciousness in so many different ways. I like to burn some incense, put some gentle soft music on and meditate. That way I can totally detach from my current physical life and step into my higher self. I love using these tools HERE to prepare my room. If meditation is hard for you, just start with a few minutes to begin with and once you feel more comfortable with it, you can extend your meditative state.

4. YOGA 
My tip for everything is yoga. It relaxed the soul, mind and spirit and really helps me to calm down and feel at peace with myself. It is not about special crazy poses. To me, yoga is about the time you spend with yourself, the breathing and the deep meaningful connection with the "true you". My favorite yoga mat right now is this one HERE.
Also if you are wondering how to get into yoga at all, check my tips for yoga beginners HERE.

5. Get creative.
Last but not least, I like getting creative to reconnect with my inner child. With age we get more and more aware of societies expectations. That might lead us to leave our true path and get lost in a crazy hectic spiderweb of tasks and missions, that are not really what we enjoy doing. Painting and drawing can help to free ourselves from the constant strive for perfection. While painting, I often drink some herbal tea like this one HERE to stay hydrated.

Something that i also love about Soul Zen is that they also offer expert tips, interviews and testimonials on their blog to ensure that both experienced spirits and beginners are carefully guided through the subject areas. You can find out what matches best with your personality.  Are you looking for a soft approach at spirituality or would you like to dive deep? Everything is possible - just as you like it. Soul Zen to me is like a big sister, who gives advice, gives recommendations and accompanies you on the way to more mindful lifestyle. You can even get a discount by using the code Hannah15 - i wish you the best on your spiritual journey.

How to you reconnect with your own authentic self? Let me know your tips and tricks.


*This blogpost was sponsored by Soul Zen


  1. I’m also struggling with control issues and the idea to do the opposite of what your head tells you might be a good idea for me, too. Because what this voice tells us isn’t necessarily true and I think we both tend to torture ourselves like we wouldn’t treat anybody else. We should treat us, our souls and bodies well. Why do we limit our food choices or food in general and force us to do certain things? Thank you for this post! You’ve helped me so much and I hope you’ll get beter❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your open words and your trust. I wish you all the best and i am sure we can get there <3 Namaste, Hannah