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Still no period?

Today I am finally giving an update on my amenorrhea journey.

If you have been following me for a a longer time, you know that i lost my period 6 years ago, due to an eating disorder. For about 3 years I have actively been trying to get it back and it's been quite hard to be honest. Just a quick wrap up of the treatments I have already tried:

  • Monkpepper
  • Accupuncture
  • Lady's mantel tea
  • Rasberry leaf tea
  • Homepathy (Pulsatilla and more)
  • Meditation
  • Weight gain (trying to get a BMI of 21)
  • Contraception hormones
  • Diet change (more cooked food, loads of carbs)
  • Doing more yoga and taking it slow

I was offered a lot of chemical treatments with toxic hormones, that I simply don't feel comfortable with and will certainly not heal my issue. 
I have thought about this whole situation over and over again and I can't seem to find what I have been missing. How can i fix this? How can i become a healthy woman again?! I have sat in my bed tons of times just feeling so helpless. 

Going to different doctors every month and telling them you are not fertile, you are not ovulating and you are scared of never being able to become a mother is fucking scary and emotional to me. I have been told so many nasty things by doctors. I was told that my uterus looked like it had already passed menopause and that everything was dead inside...it really hurts. It is my biggest dream to have a little family with happy healthy kids one day and i want to do everything in my power to make that happen...
That is why I have overthought my actions once more and made a stricter commitment to myself. I truly believe in the Law of attraction and my biggest wish for 2018 is to get my period back. I will manifest this goal right here and right now.

In 2019 I will have all my health issues sorted.

Now how can i work more efficiently on making this come true?

  • My food choices are super good already. I cook a lot, always fresh and mostly organic - so that should be fine as it is. But I am going to increase my calorie intake a little more. I don't want to start counting everything and making myself go crazy, but I want to make sure to never go under about 2500 each day to make sure I'll gain a little more.
  • Yoga and meditation is something I include in my daily routine anyways, but i will try to meditate even more and cut my runs a bit shorter to not stress my body out.
  • Rimkus Capsules are something I want to look into as well. They are natural hormone capsules made from plants and made to fit exactly the levels you need. I have a huge fear of osteoporosis. Your bones can get super brittle and weak if your hormone levels are not right...so I definitely want to take care of that as well.
Why am I sharing all of this? I think its important to be open and honest about my struggles. Being skinny is not always great. Not always healthy...and it can do some real longterm damage to your body. If you are in the same situation or had similar experiences, feel free to dm me and we can have a chat. 



  1. Hi Hannah,

    I am so sorry for your struggle but I am so impressed with your courage and determination to push forward and heal. You are doing all the right things to fix this, but nature sometimes works slowly, more slowly than we'd like. I applaud you for not resorting to the chemicals and toxic "quick fixes" of modern medicine, and think that the way YOU are doing things will be so much more beneficial (and maintainable) in the long run. 2019 will be your year, and 2018 is just the "wind-up".

    So I just want you to know, you have someone cheering you on, fully believing you CAN and WILL do this. Sending positivity and love from the USA <3 <3 <3


    1. as you know I'm fighting with the same problem. In these 3 months I gain weight... A few days ago I thought that I don't need to gain weight anymore even if I don't have my period back. So thank you for sharing this. Being healthy is more important than being skinny. Have a nice day!!

  2. Ganz toll das du dieses Thema öffentlich ansprichst! Ich wünsche dir auf diesen Weg alles Gute - du wirst das bestimmt schaffen. Nachdem ich mich viel über dieses Thema beschäftige , kann ich dir das Buch Womencode sehr ans Herzen legen. Außerdem gibts in Bali eine tolle "Yoga"-Ausbildung mit dem Schwerpunkt Womb Awakening, die ich selber auch gemacht haben. Tina Nance macht diese im Yogabarn - kann ich dir nur sehr empfehlen :-)

    Alles Liebe und ganz viel gute Energie an deine Womb :-)