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Make him like veggie food: Buddha Bowl

This is part of a little series in which i try to convince my boyfriend that vegan food isn't all that bad after all. He is the biggest meateater ever and i think a lot of guys are the same. Especially active men think that they NEED meat in their life to gain muscle and be satisfied. But that is simply not true.

I want to share some recipes, that my boyfriend loooooves. And this is one of them - super simple and easy : The buddha bowl.

If you've spent more than 30 seconds on Instagram, you've definitely scrolled past a Buddha Bowl (or 200). The brightly colored, artfully arranged bowls seem to be the go-to food source for every yogi.  

It is basically just a big plate of leftovers, that are arranged in a fancy way. I like to start with the base ingredient – often grains, leafy greens, or both – and then add a variety of toppings, which usually include diced and sliced vegetables. The final components are a source of protein, like chickpeas, tofu, or lean meat, and a light drizzle of dressing.

In this bowl I used the rice as a base, then a bit of my "Baked Pasta" - leftovers. (Find the recipe to that here), I also included some spiralized zuchini and carrots and topped it with some almond powder and sweet chili sauce. Takes about 5 min to make and can be done in so many variations. 

What is your favorite buddha bowl ingredient?


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