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How can I become pretty?

Why am I so ugly? A question that I have asked myself a lot...

I want to use this platform to spread my values and ethics and hopefully inspire to live a healthy balanced life. 
I want to spread love, light - not only for others but also for yourself. 
I want to spread health and balance. 
Balance of the body, our surroundings and nature and balance of the mind. 
I want to make young girls and women feel good about themselves, learn to love and accept themselves. Learn how beautiful and unique they are. Help them learn that we all are gorgeous warriors. Just so perfectly imperfect how nature created us to be.
I want to give back to all these lovely souls that made me who I am today, that lead my on my path, that helped me to stand up again, when i fell. That supported me through thick and thin. 
I want to give back to our planet and be the most sustainable and mindful as possible. 
I want to accept that noone is perfect and neither am I. 
I want to appreciate nature in all it's uniqueness and beauty.
I want to be a strong warrior, be a true force of nature.

But i haven't always had these ambitions.
I used to struggle with body image and hating myself. Hating my natural unique self. I hated my under eye circles, by freckles, my dry skin, my bony hips, my short lashes...all these things that didn't completely fit with societies perception of the perfect woman. I tried to cover my face with layers of makeup. Tried to hide under self tan, even considered plastic surgery. I felt ugly and unworthy.
And sadly I know a lot of girls, who share my experience.

But why? Why can't we just accept that we are so incredibly wonderful, just the way we are. So unique and so lovely. We need to stop worrying about that stretchmark on our butt (that for your information i totally have as well) and focus on building our inner hero. Buidling our inner warrior of nature. Letting out this superwoman, that each of us has inside of her. We are so incredibly beautiful - all of our curves, edges, wrinkles, skinny parts, fatty parts, with our dark or pale skin, with our curly or straight hair, with our blue or dark brown eyes...just look at yourself. You are a goddess. You can #beatrueforceofnature.

This blogpost is in collaboration with Burtsbees. They use the wisdom, the power and beauty of nature to highlight exactly this glow inside of us women, that i am talking about. We don't need nasty chemicals to feel our best. Nature has to offer so much already. The brand is only using natural, pure ingredients and create sustainable packaging for their products.

They sent me some of their new lipsticks to try.  A mixture of nourishing raspberry oil, moringa oil and meadowfoam oil provide moisture and ensure smooth and wonderfully soft lips. They come in  6 beautiful nude and pink shimmering colors, are free of nasty toxins and never tested on animals. 
I love a good moisterizing lipstick, that lasts me all day and makes me feel good about myself as well. Here you can see me wearing their product on the ethical fashion week in Berlin yesterday.

There is nothing wrong with enhancing your inner beauty. I just believe we should overthink, why we do it. It shouldn't be a pressured to fit a certain beauty ideal. NEVER hide your inner unique beauty behind a mask, that is supposed to make you blend in.  I like to dress nicely, to put on makeup and do my hair to feel my personal best. I love bringing my inner glow to the surface, to spread the light and be the most confident warrior i can be. And so should you, cause you are so much stronger than you think. (Make sure to check the @BurtsBeesDe on instagram)


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  1. So ein toller Text und so wichtig! Ist es nicht verrückt dass es so vielen von uns geht. In meinen augen bist du übrigens wunderschön udn strahlend, verrückt dass ich mir das rausgenommen habe, aber ich dachte, dass du nie im leben mit deinem Äußeren Struggeln könntest. Danke für die Inspo hoffentlich erreichen wir irgendwann mal dass sich alle Frauen und Mädchen trotz dieser kranken Gesellschaftlichen Bildern schön fühlen und eine Revolution starten!

    LIebst Franzi