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What to do in Lombardia

I want to tell you all about my trip to Lombardia and share some tips of where to go. (This is a sponsored post)

I got to spend 4 days in Lombardia and fell in love with the region. It is so super pretty, so romantic and photogenic.

Here are my 5 top tips of what to do while you are in Lombardia.
1. Relaxing at QC San Pellegrino Terme.
2. Enjoying the view on Monte Isola.
3. Exploring Bergamo.
4. Drinking wine at Francia Corta.
5. Taking a boat tour on Lake Garda.


1. Relaxing at QC San Pellegrino Terme.

Most of you probably know "San Pellegrino", because of the famous water. The little village in the mountains has way more to offer, than "only" good water. Nice architecture and beautiful nature, but also the Terme makes it worth to go there. 

The Terme is the most beautiful Spa i have EVER been to. 
Restored frescoes, colonnades and early twentieth century ceilings merge with modern architecture. An avenue of fragrant lime trees, the ancient mescite room and a designer facade are just some of the highlights of a building that is a true monument to water.
It is almost too beautiful to be real. The saunas, pools and relaxation areas are so modern and inviting, the air smells of soothing aromas and there is even an all you can eat buffet with loads of fresh italian goods offered. It is pure heaven!

2. Enjoying the view on Monte Isola

Montisola is the largest lake island in Europe. On the island you will feel as if you have gone back in time since there are almost no cars. We actually got to meet the wife of the doctor, who is one of the few people allowed to drive by car on the island. It was so sweet, because everyone seemed to know everyone. 
Montisola is linked to the mainland by a ferry service and the handiest and closest point from which you can reach the island is Sulzano. We walked up quite a bit and the panoramic view from the top of the island over the whole of Lake Iseo is just incredible. But also the island itself is just "bellissima" (a new italian word i learned) The houses are super traditional and cute. It's very green - like a detox place for the soul - and i felt welcome. 

3. Exploring Bergamo

Bergamo is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy.  It has so much to offer. That is why i would definitely advise to go for a walk with a tour guide (like we did). He showed us around the old town, the beautiful architecture, the gardens and threw in some very interesting facts about its long historical backround. 

4. Drinking wine at Francia Corta.

Great wines have been produced in the region of Franciacorta since the sixteenth century until today. The winery is a super romantic place. It is a bit further out, so you would definitely need a car to get there. But the trip is totally worth it. We had a wine tasting, as well as a small tour and learned a bit about their sustainable production and ecofriendly ways of making completely organic and vegan vine. 
The winery offers to pack a picnic basket for you to take to the nearby lake, which is a great way to spend a relaxed afternoon. It was so so romantic - a perfect location for a wedding as well.

5. Taking a boat tour on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is probably the most famous lake of the region. There truly is a soothing magic about it, that is best to be explored from out of a boat. We started our boat tour from Sirmione and went all across to see some nice nature, cute harbors, enjoy the beautiful clear water, the sun and incredible Italian landscape.

The Italians are super proud of their country and couldn't wait to show us all their favorite spots. And i can totally understand why. It is a beautiful country filled with loads of charm, charisma and romantic vibes. Thank you so much to @inlombardia for sponsoring the entire trip. I will definitely come back again.


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