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How to organise your home - Kitchen

Unbezahlte Werbung - Interior and organising is my passion. My boyfriend and I love to live quite minimalistic with a sort of scandinavian, mid-century style. If you are interested in how we like to keep or home organized - keep on reading.

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For us the room, that gets untidy the easiest, is is the kitchen. So here are some tips on how to keep it clean - easily.

1. Keep it open. If you have shelves instead of cupboards you are more likely to keep them clean, since everything is on show all the time. Also go through all of your food packages and see if anything might have already gone bad. Also you should check your condiments and herbs. Although they mostly last quite a while there is also a date of expiry for those...

2. A nice addition to our beautiful kitchen is this little stand by Lumizil. It holds or wine bottles, is the perfect place to put pots and pants or herbs, while cooking and also holds or recycling bag. (We were gifted with this, but i am not paid to promote it in any way)

3. Use the top of your cabinets. Never waist any space... If your kitchen is small, then it is important to use all the space you have. If you live in an older house, like we do, you most probably have high walls. So you might want to start using the extra vertical space as well.

4. Little boxes and baskets look cute and also make up a whole lot of storage space. That way you can decorate your kitchen and make the decor useful at the same time.

5. Hang up your pans and cooking utensils. You will always see everything you own and nothing gets cluttered or unorganized behind doors.

How do you keep your kitchen clean?


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