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Gain weight and gain life.

How did we get to a place were in our western society skinny equals pretty? Skinny equals successful or somehow skinny equals better, sexier, smarter or even more loved and appreciated? 
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It has gotten so far that a skinny look is even more important that health. Your visual appearance is more important that your inner wellbeing. How fucked up is that?

But i have and still sort of am a part of all this bullshit. I have been in this vortex of social media telling you to be a certain way to be a better version of yourself. I have also made myself sick over reaching that image of perfection...which in all truth is far from perfect. 

Now I am trying to gain my health back, still trying to gain weight in a healthy way and trying to inspire others to do the same. Today I have another soup recipe for you with loads of nutritious ingredients that will fuel your body and nourish your cells. 

I feel like soups are making it easier for me to consume more food and therefore gain weight. They don't make me feel full quickly and don't give me anxiety about having eating an insane amount. 

How to make this beautiful soup of health

What you will need:
- 4 big carrots 
- 6 big cooked potatos
- a bit of tomato paste
- curcuma
- coconut oil
- one onion
- one big leek
- some fresh parsley
- a bit of fresh basil
- curry powder
- one tbsp. of brown sugar 
- one tsp. of salt 

How to make it:
Probably the easiest recipe ever. Just throw everything into your mixer. (I like to use my vitamix) and mix it until smooth.

Let me know, once you have tried it. 

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