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Welcome to our flat.

Unbezahlte Werbung - Welcome to our flat.
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I am so happy with our new flat. It's been a dream of mine to start decorating and creating a place, that we can call a home. 
Here is a first sneak peak at our new freshly decorated place. 
The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. 

(Pablo Picasso)
Art is needed in every home. 
I love white minimal walls, but a little bit of art here and there is a wonderful addition to any home. I am so happy to be collabing with Juniqe for this post to share some of my favorite prints with you. 

For our bedroom, we wanted to keep it really minimal and quiet. No loud, crazy colors, nothing extreme. I found these beautiful prints by . They are so feminine and gentle in a really calming sort of way and my boyfriend really loves them too.
These art pieces are by Peytil. The actual name of the Stockholm-based artist and illustrator is Eitil Thorén Due. He is combining traditional techniques and digital design methods. The left piece is called "Cannes" and the right is "Silhouettino".

Living in Berlin, we definitely needed one of these cool Map-prints. They offer one for almost any big city. We have been trying to find our street on there, but we just don't live central enough I guess. I have placed it in our living room on top of our vintage sideboard. I love how it opens up the room and acts as a lovely accent. The design is by Hubert Roguski - he wants the costumer to relive a city through his minimal prints. The perspective from above allows us to overcome the hustle and bustle of the city. 

For the dining area, I first thought to go with some funky food prints. But since our whole home is very minimal and not very colorful, I went with some warm vintage options instead. The bronzy frames and brown tones in the pictures work so well with our massive wooden table. I absolutely love it. The little shelves we got are also perfect, if you want to change it up once in a while. 
Astrology is something I am quite interested in, so i wanted an astrology map for sure. I found this very delicate design by Astër called "Visible Heavens Gold". The best part of it: It is actually a true vintage piece. The French collective is always on the hunt for the most beautiful images in the world to give them a second life. The astronomical maps and hypnotic stars of Astër are so magical and invite you to dream a little.
The little bird print is by John James Audobon (1785-1851). He was the illegitimate son of a French captain and was born in Saint-Domingue, a French colony in what is today Haiti. The young Audubon, who grew up in France but was sent to America at the age of eighteen to escape service in Napoleon's military, spent much time in nature observing and drawing birds. His bird studies have lost none of their topicality to this day. It feels so cool to have a part of his history and observations on my wall.
Finally the butterfly print is a great find by the vintage art archive. They offer a huge collection of vintage prints, that inspire me a lot. Butterflies are such beautiful animals and i really wanted some of their magic to be spread inside my home.

Kitchens are mostly neglected when it comes to decorating. Not in my house. I wanted something funny and fresh to wake up to, when drinking my morning coffee. This typo-print worked perfectly and describes me in the best way possible. It is by "Words Brand". They make the coolest typography posters with interesting fonts and fun quotes. Just the perfect fit for our small kitchen.

Do you also have some artpieces in your house? Would you like to see more of my home? 

(* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)


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