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Balance your hormones with food.

A crispy tofu recipe for balanced hormones.

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This recipe is full of important nutrients and vitamins that will help you balance your hormones and relax your body. My special weapon I use in nearly all of my recipes is coconut oil. The fatty acids in coconut oil actually help the hormones get to where they want and need to go in the body, and so support the creation, processing and elimination of estrogen and progesterone, leading to hormonal balance. Also carrots are not just a random ingredient. Carrots have been found to help by preventing the reabsorption of estrogen from the intestine, meaning the liver can more effectively regulate metabolism.

All of the pans and pots used in this recipe are by Sterk. They were gifted to me and i am so happy to be cooking with them. Can definitely recommend the brand and their products.

What you need (for 2 people):

  • 200g of Tofu 
  • 2 cups of Rice
  • 4 Carrots
  • 1 onion
  • a bit of Parsley
  • Curry sauce
  • Coconut oil
  • one tbsp of flour

What to do:
First of all start to boil your portion of rice. Then begin preparing the carrots and onion by chopping both into little pieces. Then mix curry powder, a bit of flour and your favorite herbs together with the tofu in a plastic bag. Make sure all the tofu pieces are covered in the herb-mixture. You can now saute your onions with some coconut oil and once they are nice and soft add in your tofu bits. When everything is nicely golden brown and a little crispy you can boil your carrots a little bit, so they are somewhere in between hard and mushy.
Finally serve everything on a big plate. Top it with some fresh parsley and drizzle some curry sauce. (There are many simple curry sauce recipes out there - cheeky me used a ready-made sauce for this meal)

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