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Put yourself first.

We want to be better, smarter, richer, prettier, skinnier....and we want all of that to happen fast. But how can we slow down once in a while?

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Everything should happen as fast as possible. We put ourselves down, if we don't reach a goal in time. We work until midnight, we worry too much, we stress too much. 
We totally forget about our natural desires. About what we actually want.  Life is so fast. So if we get so worked up about trying to turn into an unattainable version of ourselves, we spend our lifes completely wasting our time.  Or like Allan Watts likes to put it:
You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid. (...) And after all, if you do really like what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter what it is, you can eventually turn it – you could eventually become a master of it. 
So i suggest to chill out once in a while and have a moment just to yourself. Stop comparing, stop worrying, slow down and enjoy this special moment just with yourself. 

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Here come my 5 tips on how to slow down and put yourself first:

1. Morning mantra.

I like having a morning mantra. Something i tell myself to ground me, to make me feel safe, happy and secure. It can be as simple as "I will have a great day today." It is just about starting your day with a good and happy thought, a positive affirmation. My personal mantra goes something like this:

Today, I will choose happiness. I am enough.
I don't need to compare myself with anyone, cause I am my own beautiful unique soul.
Today, I will positively impact someone’s day. I am happy, healthy and creative.
I am thankful for everything I have and I will breathe deeply and go slowly.
It is enough to do my best.

2. Cooking.

Cooking can me meditative in some aspects. Of course it is nice and easy to just grab a bag of chips, defrost a pizza or boil some pasta. But there is so much more to discover, when it comes to cooking. It can literally become an art. I am definitely not the best chef, but I like to have fun with it. You can simply start by adding new spices to your dishes and it will change up the whole taste. 
Here is my favorite thing to cook in the mornings: A steamy bowl of porridge with fruit. It takes a bit longer, than your average nutella toast, but it is time that i value and that i use just for me and myself to calm down and start the day with a healthy option.

3. Reorganizing and decluttering.

I have been reorganizing like a pro the last couple of days. As you know, i moved flats and a move always makes you realize, that you own way more than you actually need. A good place to start here is at your own desk. Loads of different papers and pens flying around doesn't really motivate to get started and be productive right?! A little clean up session can actually be quite relaxing and pleasing.

4. A green home.

Something I love doing is spending time on my balcony and taking cake of my plants. I have even started to plant some herbs to use in the kitchen. Being a little gardener is one of my favorite things, because it is the exact opposite to the hectic busy city lifestyle I have on a regular basis. Especially in spring, it's super rewarding to see your little plants grow and the magic of nature unfold.

5. Share the love.

Helping someone else, makes yourself happy too. This is an old clichee but it is super true. I think its not only important to take time out for yourself, but also for others. Using your time to help and old lady carry her bags, watering the plants of a friend while they are on holiday, going for a walk with dogs from the animal shelter - all these selfless acts cost time...but they will brighten your heart and give back so much positive energy and peace. Are you also one of those people, who would rather give a present than receive one? It's exactly the same thing. The happiness of others, makes us smile and relax as well.

Do you have any other ideas on how to slow down and enjoy life just that little bit more?


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