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5 ways to be more eco friendly.

1. Furniture made from cardboard. 
Cardboard-furniture? That sound ridiculous, i know.
But it's actually a great idea and works super well.
I have just moved flats and on my hunt for new furniture I discovered the brand Roominabox. (They sponsored this post) They make furniture from nothing but cardboard. The production of all their products is ecofriendly and fair, based in Germany. Each cardboard is made of at least 70 % recycled material and is 100 % recyclable. Isn't that amazing?! I had to give it a try and it totally works for me. Their most famous product is their bed. It comes in one package, that you can unwrap and easily set up within a few minutes. The cardboard is connected without any glue and just stacked into each other in a super smart way. You don't even need a bedframe. Just pop your mattress on the cardboard structure and you are good to go. How do you feel about cardboard furniture? I think its a funky idea, that i personally love. (I was gifted with this bed and did not buy it myself, but can honestly reccomend it to you all)

2. Ditch the plastic bags.
Did you know that it takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade or that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. That should be reason enough to minimize your use of plastic. You could simply start by bringing your own bags to the grocery shop.

3. Get a reusable coffee mug. 
Did you know that if you buy just one cup of coffee or tea in a disposable cup every day, you’ll end up creating about 23 lbs of waste in one year. Thats absolutely crazy. It's so easy to avoid that by just carrying your own reusable cup. I have a wonderful one made from bamboo, but there are tons of different styles to choose from.

4. Upcycle your stuff.
Upcycling has been getting more and more popular. You can even buy furniture that is made from recycled materials. I love starting small by just reusing glasses and boxes from my grocery shopping. The other day, i washed out empty containers, painted the top and added a label to make them hold all of my spices.

5. Buy from your local market.
Local produce is fresher and tastes better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. If you buy produce at a conventional grocery store, it may have been kept in storage for days or weeks. Also you support your community and little farmers instead of big companies, who might not treat their workers in the best way. Last but not least some foods from the supermarket are shipped literally thousands of miles; that is a big carbon footprint that could be avoided.

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