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Eat that cake.

How to start relaxing about your food choices. 

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I frequently get questions about my anorexia recovery and how i started to eat normally again. First of all: I can't tell you a perfect and easy solution. Everyones key to success is different and it will take time, but i can tell you what worked for me. 

We are stuck in this world of perfection. We all believe we are not good enough, we need to be smarter, prettier and skinnier. I once saw a quote that said "In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act" - this is the pure truth.
The beauty industry would collapse in a second, if everyone started to like themselves just a little more. 

Recovery has a lot to do with accepting yourself and feeling comfortable from the inside out. Your body needs to heal and i am still working on it today. 
The most important thing is to find your personal motivation, that is stronger that your inner demon. 
For me that was being a mum one day. You can loose your period and even get infertile due to a low bmi. My biggest dream in life is to have a family and be a mother and the fear of loosing the chance pushed me to finally start changing things. 

It didn't happen right away. You need to give yourself time and go step by step. I first included 1 big meal a day, then 2 full meals each day, then 3 full meals. Then i started to include some fearfoods (sugary and fatty foods), then i added snacks...

It is a journey that will take time. But i know you can do it too.

The hardest thing for me was to let go of the planning in my head. Since one year now I would consider myself completely free from any restricitions. I can eat spontaneously without having to plan every single dish in advance. I can eat meals prepared by other people, I can eat fastfood and snack whenever i feel like it. And don't worry if you start to binge. Your body is desperately wanting food, so a binge will come and it's totally normal. Trust your body and give into your cravings.

I challenge you all to push yourself. Life is way better without restrictions! Go out and eat that cake today. You can do it!

Please send me all of your questions. I am so thankful for the messages i get in which you open up to me and share your story. 


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