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Staying at: Bachmair Weissach

Unbezahlte Werbung - All about my trip to Tegernsee and staying at the Bachmair Weissach.

(Advertisement - We got to stay for free at this hotel, but this is not a paid post)

Since moving to Berlin, I rarely get to see my family. So I was more than happy to go on a family trip to Tegernsee with my boyfriend and parents. I had only heard the best about the Bachmair Weissach and so we decided to try it out. My parents are based in Erlangen and from there it only took us 3 hours by car to get to the dreamy hotel near the mountains. 

When we arrived we were welcomed by the lovely staff. They explained everything about the hotel, showed us around and took care of our suitcases. I was already so impressed by the first glance we got of the hotel. It offers subtle luxury and modern elegance with a great deal of Bavarian warmth, combined with the diversity of a grand hotel and the privacy of a boutique hotel. The perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity.

Our rooms were wonderful. Till and I stayed in a double room and so did my parents. The rooms were almost identical. A super soft and comfortable bed, a huge tv with a small seating corner, a completely modern bathroom with a big shower and huge mirror, as well as (my personal highlight) a massive balcony from which you could see the surrounding snowy mountains.

I was super keen on trying the spa right away. Their 3,000 square meters spa area  is the most beautiful spa I have ever seen. It’s the perfect place to relax as a family, couple or just by yourself. They offer a variety of cold and hot water pools, a heated salty outdoor pool, as well as a steam room and sauna.
Till and I jumped into the outdoor pool right away and it was so incredible to float in the cozy warm water while looking over the magical winter landscape. It even started to snow while we were outside. Literally a dream come true. 
Then we went inside to try out the saunas and ended up in the silent room. A completely quiet room where you can lay down, forget your worries and dream away. We nearly fell asleep but it was already time to head back to our rooms and get ready for dinner.

On our first day we got to dine at „Gasthof zur weissach“ where you will be served Bavarian cuisine with modern interpretations. In the wood paneled rooms, we felt so at home and the food was just absolutely devine.
The menu offered a delicious starter of fruity bred, cream cheese, tomatoes and a bit of lettuce. Then it continued with a creamy potato soup, followed by a main of smooth safran risotto. 
Along with that we chose a red wine out of their massive wine selection and enjoyed the luxurious meal in a relaxed atmosphere. I felt strangely at home in their restaurant and it felt so good to experience that evening with my loved ones. 

The next day started with our delicious breakfast in the breakkie-pavilion. The breakfast included a  buffet with literally anything you could think of. Also loads of vegan options, including a dairy free milk paradise (soy-, almond-, rice-, oat- and coconutmilk) Also you were able to pick dishes from a menu, that the super kind staff would prepare especially for you right on the spot. Along with sweet pancakes, sausages, smoothies or omelettes, my personal favourite was the vegan scrambled eggs (basically scrambled tofu) that tasted and looked super good. 

During breakfast we also wrote some postcards. I am the biggest fan of writing little cards from anywhere I go. I love this oldschool way of thinking of someone. Isn’t it the best thing ever to check your mail in the morning and see someone thought of you and really put effort into writing something nice on a little card that you can physically keep instead of just dropping a mail? The Bachmair Weissach team thinks exactly the same way and so they offer free postcards of their hotel that you can use and they will even post them for free as well. My grandma got one of the cards and she was overjoyed and called me right away when she received hers.

After stuffing our faces with the most delicious foods, we decided to go on a little stroll though the village. Me being a true Bavarian girl, I love the mountains, the lakes and rivers, the snow and the cozy atmosphere that surrounds all these tiny villages in the south of Germany. Nearly everywhere you look you'll find photo opportunities (so if you are a blogger as well - it’s the best spot for spontaneous shooting action) 
Also the people in these villages are the nicest, most grounded people ever. You can buy so many handmade things ... of course loads of dirndls and lederhosn, but also cheese from the nearby farm, handmade chocolates and dips, little kitchen supplies and a ton of souvenirs.

At 3pm the hotel offered a so called “gmiadliche Brotzeit” (which basically means a cozy snack time) 
Although it felt like we were constantly eating it looked so good and we just had to dig in. You could choose between some cakes, freshly baked bread, dips, sausages, cheeses and sweet pastries. Everything was really yummy.
That afternoon my mum went to get a hot stone massage. She looked so relaxed and calm after and was raving on about how good she felt for hours. The hotel offers a huge selection of spa treatments and massages that will make you feel totally at ease. 
After having a small gym session in the small gym room of the hotel and another dip in the pool, it was time to get ready for dinner once more. 

This time we decided on the only Japanese restaurant around Tegernsee you will find. The in-house MIZU sushi bar offers classic highlights such as salmon, tuna or shrimp Nigiri, sashimi variations and sushi rolls, so-called maki but there are so many crazy new combinations that I have never seen before anywhere else. Loads of vegan and vegetarian variations that made me super happy. We ordered a bunch of different dishes and shared them all. Honestly - I have never had sushi this good EVER. It was the perfect combination of flavours, the best mix of crunchy and soft and the most loveliest balance of salty and sweet. I am still dreaming of that sushi today. 
Totally stuffed we went for another small drink in the bar nearby but then fell into our beds. Totally full but super happy and relaxed. 

The next morning and sadly the last, we woke up once more with the gorgeous snowy view in front of us, but it was almost time to say goodbye. After breakfast we packed our bags and had to leave this super magical place. 

This was the most luxurious stay I have ever had in my life and we totally enjoyed it to the fullest. 
I can recommend the hotel to anyone who needs some time out to relax and unwind in the south of Germany. Wether you come with your family, your partner or by yourself - you won’t be disappointed. 

Have you ever been to Tegernsee before? Feel free to ask any questions in here or via dm. 

(* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)



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