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Natural and organic make-up

Why you should all switch to only using organic and toxic free makeup...

I don't wear makeup every day, but once in a while it's super fun to experiment with different looks. It's a known fact that 60% of cosmetic products you apply to your skin are absorbed into your body. Your skin is an organ after all.

I try to eat organic, so why not buy organic makeup too. 

Organic  products might not look different from the outside, but did you know how much crap there is in random drugstore beauty items? Regular products can be filled with nasty toxins and chemicals, that lead to irritations of the skin or can even effect the health of your whole body. I watched a documentary about it the other day and was super shocked and disgusted. 

Now i only use natural brands. They might be a bit more expensive, but they last longer and won't effect your health in any negative way. They have little ingredients, that are pure, natural and vegan. Most of them are even fairtrade and completely cruelty free.
Some of my favorite brands are: Dr. Hauschka, Ilia, Kjaer Weis, Hiro and Annemarie Börlind. It's so amazing to see more and more brand switching to a fair production with safe ingredients. 

My current daily look consists of a concealer by Ilia, Mascara by Ilia, a little creamy bronzer by Kjaer Weis and some highlighter by RMS. (I got all of these products by Amazingy.com - they only sell natural makeup, so you won't have to worry about finding safe products to use)

What are your favorite Make-up brands?

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