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I am art and so are you.

Some thoughts on selflove for 2018.
You are art. That is my motto for 2018.

You are art. I am art. We are all beautiful artworks.
Amazingly unique and imperfectly perfect. Every piece has different colors and shapes. Every sculpture has a different look, a special position, an interesting mark or an impressive meaning.
We are souls covered in art. Individuals made for expression.
Expression of love and emotion. Living live - pure and totally free.

My resolution for 2018 is to see myself as a blank canvas. Every single fucking day.
To be a fresh new art piece with every breath. To embrace what makes me different, to enjoy my true colors, to shine and glow, to be a proud woman.
To accept my creative imbalance. To love the lows and celebrate the highs.
The perks of being myself, the perks of being art.

I am art and so are you.

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