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Make him like veggie food: Pizza

This is one of the recipes that convinced my boyfriend that vegan food can actually be super yum.

How to organise your home - Kitchen

Interior and organising is my passion. My boyfriend and I love to live quite minimalistic with a sort of scandinavian, mid-century style. If you are interested in how we like to keep or home organized - keep on reading.

Gain weight and gain life.

How did we get to a place were in our western society skinny equals pretty? Skinny equals successful or somehow skinny equals better, sexier, smarter or even more loved and appreciated? 

What to do in Lombardia

I want to tell you all about my trip to Lombardia and share some tips of where to go. (This is a sponsored post)

How to solve back pain.

Computers have made our lives easier, but they can also make our health worse... (This is a sponsored post)

So many feelings.

Sometimes I feel like a vase that is filled with so many different feelings - about to overflow.

How to grow your own herbs.

My personal DIY-project for this spring was to grow my own herbs. I love the idea of being able to harvest your own herbs freshly from your balcony.

DIY Hummus

Here comes my favorite hummus recipe.

Put yourself first.

We want to be better, smarter, richer, prettier, skinnier....and we want all of that to happen fast. But how can we slow down once in a while?

5 secrets to healthy and shiny hair.

How is your hair so shiny and healthy? One of the questions i frequently get asked on my instagram. Today i am going to reveal my 5 secrets to healthy hair. (This is a sponsored post)

Be good to yourself.

We all need to practice way more self love, way more "Me-time" and learn to apprechiate time with ourselves to give our body what it needs.

Bowl of goodness.

Here comes another simple recipe to balance your hormones and get all the vitamins a woman needs.

Healthy power cookies.

I am the biggest cookie-monster. My fave ones are chocolate cookies. Crispy on the outside, dewy  and soft on the inside. I figured out a 4 ingredient recipe, that tastes amazing and is super healthy as well.

Vegan belgian waffles.

Everyone loves waffles. What if I tell you that there is a quite healthy way to make them?