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The magic of herbs.

I live by a natural holistic lifestyle and try to stick to organic and fresh products. When I get sick, I don't really like using western medicine and try to work with herbs and natural remedies instead.
To someone, who isn't into that stuff, it may sound like witchcraft, but it is basically just returning to mother earth and the magical powers from within. (This is a sponsored post)

These are some of my fave herbs:

  • Peppermint - Reduces stomach aches and Soothes digestive issues, Freshens bad breath, Relieves headaches, Improves mental focus, Boosts energy
  • Eleuthero - Lifts energy, soothes Anxiety, Boots immune system, detoxifies the liver, Cancer, lowers High Blood Pressure, helps with Insomnia
  • Thyme - Improes circulation, strengthens the heart, reduces stress, helps with skin issues such as acne
  • Matcha - Packed with antioxidants, boots metabolism, Detoxifies effectively and relaxes the body, Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, enhances concentration
  • Nutmeg - Helps with digestion, rich in minerals, brightens skin, treats insomnia, regulates blood pressure
  • Ginger - Can help with Eczema and Asthma, reduces stomach discomfort, protects the liver, kills bad bacteria
  • Oregano - aids in digestion, detoxifies the body, boots immune system, speeds up metabolism, protects against bacteria
  • Lavendar - Reduces anxiety and emotional stress, Improves brain function, Helps to heal burns and wounds, Improves sleep, Relieves pain, Alleviates headaches
  • Basil - has shown antimicrobial activity against a wide range of foodborne bacteria, yeasts and mold,  heals fatigued or aching muscles, lowers symptoms of anxiety
  • Damiana - helps Sexual anxiety, regulates blood sugar, activates the libido
  • Rosemary - Balances androgen and estrogen in the body, Lower DHT (dihyroxytestosterone) improving hair growth and prostate health, Reducing cancer risk, Increasing nerve growth factor healing nerve tissue
  • Chilli - beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, great for healthy eyes, skin and immune system
  • Black Pepper - Relieves Aches and Pains, Lowers Cholesterol, Encourages Circulation, Exhibits Anticancer Activity, Serves as an Appetite Stimulant
  • Cinnamon - Decreases inflammation, Increases circulation, Fights viruses. Fights free radicals, Relieves depression, Stimulates the immune system. Stimulates libido, Fights parasites

But how is it possible to include all of these herbs in a "normal" lifestyle?

To include these herbs easily into your daily lifestyle,  I have a simple and quick suggestion for you. The girls from Nouri* approached me and sent me some of their completely natural herb-shots to test out and I ended up really liking them, so I felt the urge to spread the message.

In our opinion, liveliness starts with the food we eat, the moments we experience, and the way we interact with each other. We firmly believe in the healing power of herbs, which has a positive effect on our health and our spirituality. It helps us to reach our fullest potential. 
That is what it says on the Nouri website and I completely agree with it. They produce 2 different health shots. Completely natural and pure, free of any nasty chemicals of additives and full of powerful herbs, that will give you a boost when you need it. 
They currently offer a "Boost-Shot" for more energy, a "Focus-Shot" for better concentration and a "Lust-Shot" for a romantic time.

These days, there a loads of brands creating little shots, that are supposed to dramatically change your life. But really all they sell are little bottles of artificial flavors mixed with unhealthy chemicals. So I really love, that Nouri actually just focuses on the raw and pure goodness of nature and just makes it more time efficient to consume, by creating little shots for a daily intake.

My personal fave is the focus shot. When I study for uni or have to do a lot of work, my thoughts tend to wonder and I become the queen of distracting myself. This shot makes it easier to form clearer thoughts,  tastes amazing and also soothes hangovers as well. If you are interested in their products, you can use the code "Hannah10" for 10% off your oder.

Have you ever treated mental or physical issues with herbs? Let's have a chat on here or instagram.


*The post was sponsored by Nouri.

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