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Natural birth control?

Today I want to dive into an important topic, which isn't talked about that often: Natural birth control.

When you think about contraception, there are probably many options popping up in your head. The pill is the most common way of birth control, all over the world. 

But in the last couple of years, more and more women are realizing the damage this little pill is doing to their bodies every single day. 
I never had any issues with the pill to be honest. No weight gain, headaches, depression or other symptoms you may expect. But I am really into a natural holistic lifestyle and was really worried, that the pill could destroy something in my body, that i wasn't even aware of. 
So i decided to get off the pill and found "Natural birth control". That is basically measuring your temperature, finding out when you ovulate and tracking your fertile and infertile days. That might seem like a shit ton of work for some of you - and honestly it is. 
That is why I looked into birth control computers and found the "Lady Comp". This little device claims to measure your temperature, save all your data and tell you when you can have unprotected sex and not get pregnant. (Obviously you can also use it to actively try to get pregnant).

Week 1:
When i opened the little computer, I thought it was very easy to understand how it works and set it up. You can even enter your weight and height to check your BMI and fun little things like that. The first night wasn't so easy though. The built in alarm woke me up at 6am to measure my temperature and I was half asleep so it took me ages to press the right buttons and finally get the measurement done. The device was beeping all the time and my boyfriend was quite annoyed. After a few days I finally got the gist of it and now it just takes me a few seconds to get everything done.

Week 2:
I have been getting really comfortable with the device and even got used to the annoying alarm waking me up everyday. Now I can even press the buttons without looking and sometimes I don't even have to really wake up to get the measurements done and do it half awake :D I also took the little gadget with me on two trips and it wasn't an issue at all. For now I only had yellow days though, so I am really excited for my first red or green day to see, if it really works.

Week 3:
I still have my pill alarm on my phone and I am super happy every time I see it, not having to put any chemical hormones into my body. So far so good. But still I have the yellow light popping up all the time. I bought a book called "Taking charge of your fertility", which I can just recommend to any woman out there. It will explain different methods of birth control, telling you about different symptoms in your cycle and will provide answers to all the questions you ever had about your female body, plus amazing tips on how to work with natural birth control, like the Lady Comp.

I started using the lady comb in July, now its November.
The big question is: Has it worked for me? Am I still using it?
The answer is: No.
But not because I don't believe in it's quality. I honestly wish I could use it. But a lot of you already know, that I am struggling with getting my period back.
If you don't have a period, you don't ovulate and if you don't ovulate - you can't track your fertility and therefore can't use the LadyComb. I don't know, why I haven't realized that earlier.  I am still fighting for my period and when it comes back, I will for sure use the LadyComb.
(Also there will be a blogpost coming up very soon about my current health state, since a lot of you have been asking for it.)

Although it may take some time to get used to,  think its the best chemical free birth control to use, when being in a relationship. What do you think about it? Have you tried it before? Feel free to send me all your questions and concerns. I would love to chat about it.


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