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How to beat the november blues.

Werbung - I just got back from warm sunny Bali to cold, wet and dark Germany. It really hit me hard and I fell into a deep November blues. Just feeling unmotivated, tired and completely sluggish. That totally sucks, because you don't get anything done and it turns into this downward spiral. So I collected some tips on how to get yourself out of it. (This post is in collaboration with ALDI SÜD)

1. Practice some yoga.

I know. Yoga is pretty much my answer to any question, but honestly it helps a lot. I love switching up my yoga routine. From restorative yoga, over Hatha or some steamy vinyasa flow - you just need to find the Yoga style that is right for you.

On that note I want to talk about YogaFashion a little bit. I always find that cute sports gear is the best motivation to hop on the mat and start practicing. Often times Yoga gear is not the most affordable though. But wait - what if I told you that there is a freaking cute yoga line out there for sale, that is fair trade, made from organic cotton and super cheap as well??? YUP it's true, Aldi produced a sustainable yoga collection with Ursula Karven. I was invited to test the line before it got to the stores and I can honestly say: I love it. There are tons of different pieces, all very cozy and i love the ecofriendly aspect about it so much. All fashion pieces will be available on the 13th of November.

I am excited for you to check it out. Make sure to send me pics of you wearing her collection. The whole team put so much effort and time into designing the items and the event, that i couldn't be more happy to be involved in the process of spreading all these positive vibes.

2. Eat the rainbow.
Good, healthy food is obviously contributing to staying fit during the cold dark months. 2 of my fave things to boost my energy are CousCous salads and fruity-accai bowls.

Some amazing energyboost-ingredients are:

  • Spinach - loaded with antioxidants and  a good dose of folic acid, which helps against depression.
  • Dark chocolate - The kakao in the chocolate promotes blood flow to your brain, as well as instantly improves concentration and moods.
  • Oats - boost the production of serotonin to help combat stress and enhance the memory function.
  • Avocado -  source of healthy monounsaturated fat, amazing energy booster
  • Beans - help to stabilize energy levels.
  • Blueberries - the best source of antioxidants ever.

3. Make it pretty.
Decorating your home might sound irrelevant in relation to your energy levels, but to me its quite important. When I feel happy and comfortable in my room, I love to spend time in it and i am more productive as well. I love getting some nice flowers and placing them on my desk to keep me motivated. And did you know that certain flowers can help you focus and brighten your mood? It's not so much about the kind of flower, but more about it's colour. The brighter, the better. Yellows and oranges really help our body reach it's full potential. If you need some inspo on decoration, feel free to check out Pretty Factory, who designed and styled everything you see down below for the beautiful Aldi Event.

4. Turn on the lights.
When the light is super dull and dark, you won't be able to do anything at all. So you may want to think about buying a very bright lamp. There are certain lamps that immitate sunshine and can therefore help to lift your mood as well. When the body recognizes sunlight, your serotonin levels increase. That alone is proven to make you healthier not just emotionally, but physically as well. Back in time we used to organize our whole day along with the sun raising and setting and we still have that inner clock within. So it's no wonder that we can stay active for longer with a little fake sun in our rooms.

5. Water all the way.
Hydration is key to an active brain. As I told you in my last post, you should try to drink at least 3L per day. Pure water is obvouisly your best and healthiest choice, but if you don't like its plain taste, you could try to add lemon or cucumber for an additional detoxifiying effect.

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  1. Schöner Post :) Ich bin aktuell auch ganz schön unmotiviert und 24/7 müde :) Danke für die Tipps :)
    Liebe Grüße, Feli von www.felinipralini.de