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Eating in Stuttgart: Breitengrad 17

Last weekend I visited my boyfriend in Stuttgart and of course, we had to go out to eat. We love asian food and that's why we tried "Breitengrad 17" directly in the center of Stuttgart. 

Where: Eberhardstr. 35  - 70173 Stuttgart

When you enter the cozy restaurant, you will find a mixture out of modern design pieces, mixed with some traditional vietnamese elements. The whole vibe felt really cozy and welcoming, when we arrived. My personal interior highlight are some massive asian ornaments hanging in one corner, that look a bit like a mix between a star and a flower. I think they are made from wood and just add this little special something to the restaurant. 

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - not sponsored)

We started with some homemade fresh lemonade. All of the drinks are being prepared at the open bar. I love that concept of actually being able to watch the barkeepers doing their thing, while you are waiting for your drinks to arrive. 
We shared some crispy vegan spring rolls, filled with fried veggies as a starter. They tasted really good and were the perfect entry to our main courses. Till had a vegetable curry along with some fish, rice and a spicy soup. I went for a Vietnamese crepe filled with fried veggies. Till was super happy with his meal and so was I. I had never had a vegan Vietnamese crepe before and was really impressed by how crunchy and flavorful it was. All of the dishes were served in really nice bowls as well, so they are "instagrammable" for sure.

And although we were already super stuffed from all the good food, we had to try the dessert as well. We were brought a selection of little sweet goods to share. And holy shit - they were so amazing. We tried fried banana covered in this crunchy sweet crust along with some roasted nuts, some vanilla icecream along with passion fruit, a sweet rice pudding with mango and some mouth watering tiramisu. My personal favorite was the fried banana. It had the perfect amount of sweetness to it and I could have easily had a second serving.

The team at Breitengrad17 is very sweet and professional. We even got to chat with their manager, who was such a cool relaxed guy. I would love to go back to try all the other dishes on their menu and I can only recommend their restaurant. (It's a perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians as well as meat or fish lovers)


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