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10 things I learned in Bali.

Unbezahlte Werbung - My yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute made me realize a few things...

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  1.  Love is the answer. Although I can love others unconditionally, I still have quite some work to do on myself. Throughout a lot of exercizes we did, i broke down. I questioned myself and was brought out of my comfort zone. It's so important to be gentle with yourself, accept your mind and your body and just be kind to yourself, just as you would to others. "Love is the answer no matter the question. Since the very beginning of time we were put on this earth to share our affection to let love and happiness shine." (Jack Ellison)
  2. Being vulnerable is the key to friendships. We were kind of forced to open up about our inner feelings and emotions really quickly. We were all strangers at first and it took a bit to find the courage to speak up. But the more we did that, the more these strangers turned into amazing spirits and wonderful friends. It's crazy how fast you can actually form close bonds like that, when you just open up about your inner self.
  3. A smile works in any language. The balinese people are the happiest little volk I have met so far. Although quite a few of them don't speak english, you could always communicate with a big smile and some hand gestures. They made me feel so comfortable and walking around alone was not an issue at all.
  4. Energy is healing. I had my first ever chakra cleanse, while being here in Bali and it was a beautiful experience. We are all energy and we can use this energy to release certain blockages or imbalances. 
  5. Karma is a bitch. Another part of our training was understanding Karma. I always thought, that when you do good it will basically come back to you and vice versa. But we learned now that Karma also continues throughout reinkarnation. So if your soul has done shit in your past life, you might have to pay for it in this one for no reason. That blew my mind.
  6. You are probably dehydrated. In Bali it was so freaking hot, that I was constantly sweating and drinking water. That made me realize how little i usually drink every day. It's insane. Your body uses about 3L of water everyday just to function. If you drink coffee, eat salty foods or consume alcohol, your body will loose even more water. That means to be fully hydrated you should drink at least 3 liter every single day, if not more.
  7. There is nothing like imperfection. I am the worst at criticizing myself and always looking for improvement and perfection. But there is nothing like imperfection anyways. You are perfect just the way you are. We wouldn't look at a flower and think "OMG that flower is so ugly, cause one of the petals is a different color." We'd say "Wow how cool, that this flower has multicolored petals." And that is how we should look at ourselves and our surroundings as well.
  8. You create your own thoughts. You are your own master. You are the one who creates your mindset and your way of life. I am guilty of sometimes dwelling on bad experiences or memories for quite a while, but what if you could just fill your head with positive, vibrant and beautiful energy? It will turn your whole day around.
  9. We all have an inner child. As kids we are the most free, naive and creative. With time we tend to loose those qualities and tell ourselves that life is serious and business-focused. But why? It doesn't have to be. When we had a shamanic-ceremony one night, we were supposed to meet our spirit animals. It was a crazy experience, but i really felt that day that I had broken through that heavy barrier our adult lifes sometimes put on us. I felt the lightness of what life could be like and I would love for everyone to feel that way constantly. It's ok to be silly, fun and happy.
  10. Sharing is caring. This is the most overused phrase - i know. But it's true. It makes me so happy to now be able to share my passion with others and to spread the yogic message. Not only teaching asanas, but also the whole yoga lifestyle. I am interested in aryuveda, as well as meditation, energy healing and so much more. I can't wait to share more of that with all of you in the future.


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    1. love this post i am going to the May YTT course next year, i cannot wait to experience it all! Your blog is lovely & you are a beautiful human bean <3

  2. wunderschön :) die zeit tat sicher sooo gut!
    Liebe Grüße, Feli von www.felinipralini.de