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Staying at IntercityHotel in Duisburg.

Werbung - Today I want to tell you about my 24h stay at IntercityHotel in Duisburg.
(They were so kind to sponsor this post.)

I was invited by the lovely team of IntercityHotel* to stay at their beautiful Hotel in Duisburg for a night, together with my mum. I had never been to Duisburg before and don't get to see my mum that often, so this was an amazing chance. 

First of all, the journey to get there was absolutely horrid. Normally the train ride from Berlin to Duisburg isn't that bad (about 4hours, no change of trains) but on that day there were crazy disruptions due to a storm, that messed up the whole connection. But in the end, we finally made it to the cozy hotel. The check in was super quick and easy. We were also offered a free ticket to explore the city with public transport. The lounge next to the entry was open and decorated with loads of plants and cozy armchairs. Its a very welcoming area, styled with a mix of sleek urban and quirky homely pieces.

Then it was time to have a first look at our rooms. The Hotel in Duisburg has just been built and is therefore completely modern. The interior was designed by the italian architect Matteo Thun. Our room was bright and clean with a giant window from which i could have a direct glance at the trainstation. Because of the greatly isolated windows, you couldn't hear a thing though. We had a gigantic comfy bed with some fancy "googlemaps-inspired"-wallpaper, a huge TV, a little seating area and a minibar. But my personal highlight was the huge walk in shower and the yummy snacks that were waiting on the beds for us.

After we had a walk around in the city, we got to have dinner at the hotel's own restaurant. The variety of dishes offered, really surprised me. You could order burger, salad, tapas, soups, pasta and even pizza. In the end we went for a flatbread with antipasti and cheese for my mum and a bulgur salad with a side of white bread for me. To drink we went all out and had a toast to life with some red wine and a fun fruity cocktail. Everything was not only very delicious, but looked super appetizing as well. Definitely an instagrammable foodspot.

Afterwards we literally fell into our beds and had a good night sleep. In the morning we woke up totally relaxed and I was so happy to enjoy some yummy breakkie with my mum. Breakfast is most of the time my fave part about staying at hotels. That feeling, when you wake up and you know that all the food is already prepared and just waiting for you to dig in. And i wasn't disappointed. The huge buffet offered everything from porridge, over fruit, bread, sweet and savory toppings, all the way to even pastries and cake.

Around noon it was already time for us to check out again and we took the train home. The time went by way so quickly, but isn't that always the sign for having had the best time ever?

Have you ever stayed in an IntercityHotel before? And if so, how was your experience? Can't wait to chat to you all about it.


*IntercityHotel sponsored this post

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