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Day in a life, as a yoga student.

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at Yoga school

Living life at schoolyogainstitute is much more different to my usual routine. 

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Learning how to become a yoga teacher in just 21 days is a full on commitment and at first it really took a bit of getting used to. Because a lot of you have been wondering about what exactly we do here, I will give you a quick rundown of a single day in my life at schoolyogainstitute  here in Bali.

05.30 - Wakey wakey
We start our daily practice with the sunrise. At first I was completely overwhelmed. Every day at 5 fucking 30? How can I power through this for 21 days? But it's actually quite nice to adjust your inner clock to the nature around you. We live at KuraKura, which is a very cozy place away from all the touristy areas. That is why I usually wake up to the sounds of the river, birds and some roosters going crazy. And we also have a daily wake-up team, who will run around with drums and guitars to wake us all up in a creative new way every morning. 

06.00 - Meditation
Once I get dressed it's time to meet my 20 classmates for meditation. The kind of meditation varies from day to day. Sometimes we chant, sometimes we get guidance and sometimes it is completely quiet, so you can let go completely. I love meditating in the morning to clean my slate and start fresh. Meditation helps me so much with grounding myself and feeling at ease. When I wake up stressed or  had a crazy dream, a little meditation will always bring me down and help me stay positive in my thoughts.

6.30 - Yoga Asana
After mediation we practice our Asanas. Right now we are learning a Hatha sequence, that I really enjoy. We take time to perfect every pose and I can already feel a change in a few positions from day 1 till now. I always discover something new and the lovely teachers Andy and Zach really push us a step further every day. Its so amazing to realize how far the right breathing technique and a bit of willpower can take you. (On the picture you can see the Shala we practice in every day.)

8.30 - Reflection
After our Asana work and a beautiful Shavasana, we usually reflect on some topics concerning our mental health and self empowerment. That varies from day to day. Sometimes we are encouraged to journal, or we do some exercises with a partner. It's lovely to take so much time for myself to really figure out, what I want in life. Writing is my favorite part, because I can really dive into my own consciousness and just allow the flow of the pen to open up my deepest inner feelings.

09.00 - Breakkie
At 9 I am already super hungry for breakfast. Everyday we get to endulge in fresh juicy fruit, scrambled tofu, muesli, bread, eggs, tumeric juice, tea, vegan yoghurt and so much more amazingness. I really adore the food here and the Team at KuraKura is also super sweet! It feels so good to finally eat after all that meditation and class.

10.00 - Theory
So now its time to practice yoga theory. We are doing philosphy, anatomy, yoga history. We learn about chakras and health, diet and spiritual healing. Its super interesting and there is so much input every single day. It's definitely a lot to take in and digest. We have a little yoga journal, which contains the most important information and we always get to write additional notes.

12.30 - Lunch
Our lunches are just as great as our breakkies. We usually have some veggies with rice, but there is tofu, salad, some delicious soup or we even have had spring rolls and quiches. Every day is different. After that we have our big lunch break and its amazing to just unwind and relax by the pool, but also study some yoga homework we got. The beach is close by, so sometimes we go for a little walk along the coastline. 

03.00 - Art of Teaching/ Art of Touch
This is the time where we learn how to teach. We learn yoga-flows and how to adjust, modify and perfect our poses. It is way harder than I thought to manage all of the talking, breathing and teaching at the same time, but I am slowly getting the gist of it.

06.00 - Dinner
Dinner is - you guessed it - just as amazing as the other meals. We have a buffet of different foods every night and just sit together indulging in the goodness. My favorite food I have had here so far was the jackfruit "meat" along with brown rice, salad and some fried banana for dessert. So good, rich in vitamins and really filling.

07.00 - Satsang
At that time we get together once more to reflect back on our days, share our thoughts and feelings and just see where everyone is standing at that certain point. I love listening to other girls opening up and sharing their feelings. Its mostly very emotional, but we have created a sacred and safe place where everyone feels comfortable and free to just be themselves.

08.00 - Sleeping time
Sleeping time at 8? You may think I am going crazy, but after all of the input everyday I am always very tired. I just fall into my bed and wonder off towards dreamland. (Oh and yes those mosquito nets are not only cute decoration, but actually pretty helpful. There are bugs and spiders EVERYWHERE.)

If you would like to have a transformational yoga teacher experience, I’d recommend this 21 day course. When mentioning my name you can get $250 off. Feel free to ask me anything else here or on instagram.

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  1. Das klingt toll!
    Ich wünsche dir noch eine tolle Zeit auf Bali.;)
    Liebst, Anne:)