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Sailing on Mallorca.

Find out all about our wonderful sailing trip on Mallorca.

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This year Till and I went to Mallorca for our summer vacation. When I was looking up things to do and see, I came across Stephanie's Blog
She is a real pro, when it comes to finding the most beautiful places to visit on the island. Staying true to her motto „Stay hungry, stay foolish“, she recommends amazing tours and adventures around Mallorca. I also love how she focuses on animal protection. The neglection of animals in touristy places is not talked about enough and you can check out her tips on how to help make a change against animal cruelty here.

I was super intrigued by a sailing trip starting from Porto Colom, she recommended. I really trusted her advice, booked the trip for me and my boyfriend and it didn't disappoint.

We arrived in Porto Colom at 10.30am, so we could get all the organisational stuff done, before heading off at 11am. On this particular tour there was a maximum of 10 people allowed. We were 8 passengers that day, which was lovely, because you had so much privacy on the beautiful sailing boat.
But everyone got along greatly and we had so much fun on our trip. Especially our skipper really made the whole trip phenomenal. He was such a funny guy. He put on spanish music and we got to dance on the boat, he taught us some sailing rules and how to change directions and we even got to sail the boat ourselves sometimes.

During the trip, we got to see some amazing houses and coastlines and enjoy the wide view of the ocean.

I have never been sailing before, but it was an amazing experience, I will never forget. We spent the whole day on the boat, even got to have a yummy lunch and some coffee and cake in the afternoon on deck. My favorite part was our stop at a mind-blowing bay with a small cave, that you could swim into. The water was super clear and warm and we were even able to snorkle with equipment provided by the sailing company. It was such a romantic adventure to experience with my boyfriend.

I would totally recommend anyone to check out Stephanie's blog and look through her favorite trips. (Or contact her on facebook) I am sure you will find something you love. Some of them are a bit pricy, but definitely worth the investment.


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