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Do you struggle with selflove? Are you fully recovered?

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When I asked you about the topics you are most interested in, selflove, bodyimage and a healthy lifestyle were the top runners. I got a ton of questions on instagram and picked some of them to answer in this blogpost today:

"You have a very slim figure but always tell your followers, how you love to eat a lot. How do you feel about people calling you fake and unreliable and even assuming an eating disorder?"

Although I know these people don't have any bad intentions, it does make me sad. As someone, who indeed used to struggle with an ED, I can't brush it of that easily. Every body is different and everyone needs different foods and different amounts of food to feel comfortable and happy. I see my instagram as a source of inspiration for others and not as a lifestyle guide or anything like that. I want to spread positivity and selflove and no one should feel criticized in their own eating habits, just because they may not aline with my own. EveryBODY has a different metabolism and just totally different genes. I feel like we should all appreciate our own self a little more and stop discussing others so much. The fact, that we are healthy and alive is pretty amazing just on its own.

"What kind of workout do you do?"

I mostly do yoga. I try to practice yoga every single day. It's something I love so much and it really calms me down. Also I try to go for a quick run about 3 times a week to work on my endurance as well. Ou and in summer I love to go swimming as well. But since i live in Germany and we basically have 10 months of shitty cold weather, the opportunity doesn't come that often.

"Do you feel like social media can be damaging to one's body image?"

Yes definitely - but only if you let it affect you. I think it is all up to your inner mindset. I totally understand people, who feel like they need to look a certain way or change themselves, when they admire a famous instagrammer or youtube star. Because I am the same. I look up to so many influencers, who inspire me every day and then I compare myself and feel like shit. But that is exactly, what you shouldn't do. (What a great example I am, but I am just being honest here.) We need to remember, that we are totally different. Every single one of us is unique and absolutely beautiful. You don't want to be a lame copy of someone else, you want to be your own brilliant self and that is what i tell myself every day. 

"Are you fully recovered of your eating disorder?"

I am not sure, if you can ever be fully recovered. I am definitely at a healthy weight and do eat completely normally. But there is still that voice in my head, that sometimes pops up and tries to tear me down. Most of the time I can totally handle it though. I am happy and healthy and love going out to eat with friends and family. I love to be active and meet new people. I am telling you, life is so much nicer, when you don't always have to worry about food. So yes I'd say I am nearly fully recovered. The only thing is my period, which I lost due to my body shutting down my complete reproductive system. I have been trying for a shit long time to get it back and still working on it now. 

"Do you think you need to love yourself first, before you can get into a happy relationship?"

Yes. I think you should always be happy with yourself first, before committing to a relationship. You should never feel like your significant other is the one in charge of making you happy. YOU have to make yourself happy. And of course it is the most beautiful thing to find love and to find that one person, you want to spend the rest of your life with. But it is also important to be able to do things on your own and not to feel lost. Also when it comes to physical love...you will never have as much joy in the bedroom, if you feel insecure and really just want to hide under the covers. If you feel strong, sexy and beautiful, your partner will sense your confidence and absolutely love it too.

That was it for today. But don't worry - I have written down all of the other questions and will address them soon.



  1. Such a lovely post, my lovely lady! Miss you and I am so so so much looking forward so see you again!
    Kisses from good old Erlangen, Evalein


    1. Danke Mausi! I miss you too! Kisses from rainy Berlin <3