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Bamboo dishes?

Dishes made from Bamboo only - is that even possible?

So the other day I discovered the brand Supersozial. I am a huge fan of kitchen items, lovely tableware and would absolutely buy entire bags full of cute plates, bowls and cups, if i could.
To not get broke, because of my kitchen obsession, I do a lot of window shopping to check out the latest kitchen trends.  That's also, when I saw a supersozial product for the first time. I wrote the name down and looked them up online. I found out that their pretty bowls are actually made from biodegradable bamboo and corn, reinforced with melamine resin. Their products are super durable and sustainable, which shows once more that conscious living can be joyful and trendy.

"A feast for the eyes and dishwasher proof." - that is what they say about themselves and it is definitely true.

The material feels a lot like plastic. It is super light and durable, but it doesn't look like it at all. It looks way more like fancy ceramics, which is crazy to me. Also there are a lot of different colors available. At first I was a bit hesitant. They claim, that their dishes are compostable, but still dishwasher safe?! How is that possible...when doing my research I found out, that the dishes are not that easy to break. It is only when they come into contact with certain enzymes (like in an earthy compost) that the decomposition process begins. How clever is that?
This honestly sounds like I am a TV host, trying to make you buy their items. I am not getting paid to write this - i swear! I just freaking love their stuff.

My favorite items are their massive plates and bowls. I use them to display fruit and veggies or to make huge salads in. And because non of their items are heavy at all, it is super easy to store them as well. 

I will definitely keep you posted on how these items look, after using them for a little longer. So far I really enjoy having them in my kitchen and it makes me happy to prepare my daily meals knowing, that all of the items used, are completely ecofriendly. I would highly recommend you trying one of their pieces out, if you are into living an environmentally friendly life. 
Let me know how you feel about Supersozial. I can't wait to hear about your experiences.Namaste,Hannah

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